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Piping hot air delivered to you!

“I'm Tamia - fly me!

~ Tamia
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Air ships are vehicles used to transport air from air factories to area in need of air. They can be identified by the large air storage compartments over the cabins. They are the backbone of the zillion dollar air shipping industry.

They come in both the hot and cold variety. Hot air is produced by congressmen or radio personalities and shipped to tropical countries. Cold air is produced by ghosts and is shipped to Canada.

The most famous example of the airship, the Highwind, has made its way into the media. With its airstrip putting on the priemere gala event, the Highwind lollapallozoollaallld, its captain, Cid, along with the crew, Batman, Hellboy, and the self-appointed savior of mankind, Cheez-It, have become celebrities beyond measure, dedicating their lives to restoration of the mamba as the most popular form of dance. Of course, this brings stong opposition from Michael Flatley, but who cares about him anyway.

In the 1390's the tragic Hindenburg airship incident was caused when the cabin boy was trying to win a bet by proving air is not flamable. He lost.

In a parralel Universe they are all called Zeppelins Zeppelins...the early years...or the Hindenburg

Industrial, Military and other Applications[edit]

  • Watching nude sunbathers.
  • Monitoring nude beaches for terrorism activity.

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