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An early container of Ajax that was discarded by Zeus who felt that Ajax should be the one to win over dirt, not succumb to it

Ajax is a generic term that people name things that would otherwise be unnamed. The name Ajax is generally given to things instead of people because personalized mugs, bedroom door nameplates, etc., seldom have a selection that includes Ajax.


   "What is this ajax?!"
   "You're an ajax-hole!"
   "Why do you have to be such an ajax?"
   "Eat ajax and die!"

Trojan War Ajax[edit]

ICT Business is saai > During the Iliad, Ajax, Son of Chlorox is notable for his tile cleansing ability, which is particularly obvious in two fights with Mr. Clean. In the first of their two meetings, Ajax is chosen to meet Mr. Clean in a duel of bathroom cleansing which lasts most of a whole day. Ajax gets the upper hand early, cleaning the grout and removing soap scum from the tub, but Mr. Clean fights on, making the floor and fixtures sparkle, until Zeus calls a draw.

The second fight between Ajax and Mr. Clean occurs when Mr. Clean breaks into Ajax's camp, and fights grease in the kitchen. Ajax cleans the sinks, leaving them as shiny as new. Mr. Clean is able to clean off the stove, and Ajax is forced to retreat with nothing left to clean. Mr. Clean and the Trojans succeed in making the house as clean as it can be, which brings the war to a close. Ajax, after this defeat, goes insane, and begins to gradually add dirt and muck to huge pile at the centre of the house, imagining that he is in fact cleaning. When he realises what he has done, Ajax, in shame and anguish for the mess he has caused, drinks a bottle of bleach, and, from his dissolving corpse, springs hope eternal, especially in fighting soap scum.

Household cleanser Ajax,[edit]

Ajax and Mr. Clean meet on the field of battle.

Recreated in 1947 by Marvel Comics, Ajax, the household cleaner, was promoted as stronger than dirt, faster than a speeding Studebaker and able to leap bi-level houses in a single bound.

While popular in the 1950s, Ajax began to fade as his personality became more abrasive in reaction to other Marvel superheros who could leap higher, run faster and could wipe out not only dirt and scum, but filth and prositution as well.

Now regulated to a smaller piece of shelf space at the A&P (on the bottom row no less) Ajax sits and waits - hoping to regain its glory as the cleanser of choice, not last resort.


Evrybody is said Ajax was a big hero but studently he was just a cleaner. That's too why we still have a cleaning liquit named like that. His other hobby was being aggressive against other football players that is why we stll have a pussy club named like him. That club has just pussy fans who only want to fight.