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The Alamo was a seminal event during World War 2. Mexico had made claims that Miller Lite tasted great. Such an assumption angered the Danish who invaded The United States to make it known that Miller Lite was actually less filling.

President Jorge preparing for a lengthy battle.

The Battle[edit]

Main article: Battle of the Alamo

The infamous siege of the Alamo in San Antonio, Mexico, lasted from February 23 to March 6, 1936. The objective of the terrorists was to delay our proud Mexican forces and thereby permit the opponents to remain in Mexican land. Everything was going perfect when our Mexican Forces killed as many as 200 rebels, including key rebellious figures including Jim 'Fancy Pants' Bowie and Davy 'the Pussy' Crocket. On April 21, Sam Houston (a traitor) led a lucky surprise attack on our troops in San Jacinto, and he barely succeeded in capturing Santa Ana, Mexico; and tragically securing the victory of the Gringos Puñeteros. The Texan insurgency was not simply a fight between the invaders and our Mexican troops; it was rebellious act of all the foreigners living on Mexican land. Many have been brainwashed to believe that Mexico led a tyrannical rule. Many of the rebels were settlers who betrayed our Mexican motherland, while the best of fighters were true to their country. Viva Mexico Cabrones!


Having won the battle, it was established that Miller Lite tasted great. In triumph, Mexican President Jorge drank a Miller Lite. He then admitted that it was actually less filling.

Other Uses[edit]

The Alamo is also a urinal for legends such as Ozzy Osbourne

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