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An alarm clock is a general annoyance device used to rudely interrupt slumber. Many strives have been made to render this device useless just short of not buying one at all. However, despite millions of dollars of research on the subject, no solution has been found.


The first alarm clock was most arguably the rooster. Such an alarm clock was keen to be shot if the owners wished to sleep in (which was often); this turned out to be expensive, as the owner was obligated to buy a new one each Saturday, lest he fail to wake up on Monday.

The next alarm clock was the clockwork alarm clock with two bells (one for waking, and the other for good company). However, this alarm clock need to be wound - a task easily forgotten. And it was made of metal - a material that many think to be indestructible (it isn't).

1970-something brought about a new age with the digital alarm clock with SNOOZE. For the first time, the user can make the damn thing shut up without destroying it. However, many tended to sleep through the snooze cycle, finally rendering the humble alarm clock useless. However, it still wakes one up the first time, which is annoying.

The Future[edit]

What does the future hold for the alarm clock? How can this device ever wake a person up with infuriating them? When will mankind wake up on time with no help? Who will bring on the next stage of alarm clock evolution? Why is this article asking so many questions?

Only time will tell.