Alberto Einstein

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Alberto Einstein was a Mexican shoemaker who, in 1812, or possibly 3, discovered time travel. It was previously thought that Oscar Wilde discovered time travel, but scientists have recently disproved this by illustrating that, had Wilde discovered time travel, wombats wouldn't exist.

Early Years[edit]

Alberto was born somewhere in Mexico at some point in time. Due to a lack of record keeping and french fries in Mexico, Alberto's parents and year of birth are impossible to determine without a wild guess and a protractor. The relatively deceased Pope Magna Carta VI revealed that Alberto never attended school and never experienced the pleasures of a good shave. This has led historians and librarians alike to agree that Alberto was an uncivilized cur. He also defacates in his pants every hour on the hour. And was recently married to Linda Keitel. When he looks at the name of the horse he's not sure weather to look at the feet or the mouth. Other then his parents Alberto also took heed on the children of Zatacombe. Without doubt he has been a super artist but weather or not he has had the privlages I'm not sure. And not to be forgotten his other wife, Emma Anderson. He just uses her for sex. She enjoyed the sex, to be sure, but was not a fan of his apricot flavored man juice.