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He is not really a fat bastard. This picture was taken by a corporate eugenics media photographer using a fat lens.
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“The truthiest truther offering the truth.”

~ God on Alex Jones

“The only reason I'm fat is because the Illuminati put too much aspartame in my doughnuts.”

~ Alex Jones on explaining the conspiracy behind his weight.

Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones (born February 11, 1974) is best known for bringing you key info on the Corporate Globalist Eugenics takeover of the world by a Scientific Dictatorship live from his Central Texas command centre deep behind enemy lines and shattering the false Left/Right Paradigm. Everything he says is backed up directly by the Globalist's own documents, and stuff he found on Google (itself an admitted CIA front).

His comedy radio show consists of him making fun of the peon masses, predicting catastrophes and yelling. In between diatribes he hocks shoddy survival goods to listeners in exchange for blood pressure medication.

In the very rare moments when he is not leading Free Humanity in the Info War, he is also supplements his income as a male model and porn star. Making regular appearances in publications such as Husky Hogs, and 'Meat Magazine', both aimed at the fetish market of those are attracted solely to pork butchers.

A while back Charlie Sheen went through a similar thing to David Icke and everyone ended up wondering what had happened to that guy from 2 and a half men. This act which resulted in the entire population of the world, from Warner Brothers down to you, the reader of this nonsense, suddenly hearing the name Alex Jones.

What? Who the hell is Alex Jones?[edit]

Alex's show is simulcast on the Internet at

Alex Jones was born on the eleventh day of February, nineteen-seventy-four, the son of Jim Jones, and the only baby to survive Jonestown. As a child some guy pushed him into a vat of Jesus Juice, which permanently wielded a bull horn onto the front of his face (This is admitted fact, it's all admitted!). All pictures of Alex Jones which do not contain bull horns dated after this event can be assumed to be fakes.

In addition to the above and his noted pornographic career, he is at-least one (possibly all) of the following:

  1. An Illuminati shill working on the minds of the masses using careful gatekeeping of his broadcasts whilst generating the list which FEMA are going to use when they fuck you all up.
  2. One of the greatest men ever to set foot on the planet on a par with Buddha or Jesus or Shaquille O'Neal.
  3. A fat bastard who sells DVDs, gold coins, Expensive Pot Noodles and water purification systems that are worthless in order to pad his bank account(we've got all the documents)

Depending on who you are you may think he's all three.

So what is the truth? Who really is Alex Jones? Well, you could spend hours of painstaking research trawling through archives of information, checking sources, corroborating evidence, travelling the world, talking to people and really trying to get to the real truth. Or, you could just read this and retain your will to live. I suggest the latter.

His House[edit]

Alex Jones's Command Centre after the Globalist-manufactured flood of 2012

His lives deep behind enemy lines in his Central Texas Command Centre from where he broadcasts his daily Radio-Internet-TV-MulticastTM. The Centre is notable for it's massive stores of pork produce, non-GM seeds and unsold copies of The Obama Deception.


Alex Jones advocates the creation of a one-world Neo-Ron-Paulian crypto-quasi-pseudo-theocracy in which all far-right, heterosexual, baptists (who can prove that they have killed at least one Mexican deader than a hammer) will be afforded the freedom to agree with everything that he says, does or thinks. Alex Jones suggests that the name: "New Global Order of Alexonia" to be used for the name of the new Thousand Year Reich, as he lovingly calls it. Alex Jones also well known as a major figure in the recently formed Church of Gary Busey, frequently taking time to conduct, as well as attend, the masses held in honour of his beloved object of lust and veneration.

Jones has recently shot to the A-list with his 'man scent' Bullocks, with it's distinctive bottle designed in the shape of an aeroplane designed in the shape of a skyscraper designed in the shape of an owl-god that was actually in the shape of a bull.

Superpowers, claims of invincibility[edit]


It is said that ideas are bulletproof, so is Alex Jones. In fact, at the age of 12, Alex Jones was entirely coated with a dense layer of nanotech fat, called “Techfat”, created with a synthesis of colloidal silver and the elusive compound called “marshmallow”, developed by Illuminati scientists at DARPA in an attempt to create a "Super globalist shill". A rag-tag team of Christian Libertarians successfully broke into the secret underground labs in Texas to save and evangelize him, only to get all shot in the result... but Jones made his way out and went under the radar for years. Alone, naked with only the Holy Bible in one hand and a rifle in the other, he set out on his quest to save the world from the bankers.

The Techfat TM grants him resistance to projectiles from virtually all firearms as well as explosions up to 1 Megaton. It rendered the multiple attempts by many CIA snipers and mercenaries -as well as several bombings of his radio station by NATO drone fighter jets- completely useless, hence why he still broadcasts after all these years exposing the Illuminati. This also makes him impervious to Whoopi Goldberg, even though Barbara Walters once owned him real bad, but she was proper enough for giving him a bone to chew as a consolation for his battered ego. What a nice old lady she is...

This Techfat exoskeleton even allowed him to survive for almost 2 minutes of interview with Chuck Norris, as the studio went through a power surge and a lot of stuff exploded. This is when Norris arrived. After a moment of mind-boggling speech in a language that could not be grasped by any mortal born from a womb, the universal karate fighter told Jones how, in 1884, he killed God with his own bare hands (Friedrich Nietzsche stood as the sole witness), to the sheer disarray of Jones, then conceded he had better adversaries to take down this morning, namely the entire global network of the Italian-American Cosa Nostra and their armies. This is what he called “having breakfast”. He was later reported to pick his teeth with the dead-frozen body of Manhattan kingpin Robert de Niro.

Alex Jones was additionally implanted with a radio-transmitting device powered by his overactive brain that allows him to takeover any FM/AM/Shortwave bands wherever he goes so that he can jam radio transmissions to shout his orders to stand up to the global bankers, to either disgruntled guys caught in hours-long traffic jams or these lipstick lesbians having wild sex by the pool. Ahhh... This is what America used to be about in the good old days, before they destroyed the Constitution, wasn’t it? Alex sure knows...


He was awarded the psychological health award for outstanding sanity in the face of adversity by the American Association of Mental Health Professionals Against the New World Order on September 11, 2001. He subsequently declined to accept the award, citing his belief that the organization was a front for Satan Worshiping Illuminati working in close association with the Bilderberg Group, to hypnotize their patients into believing that their recovered memories of Satanic Cult abuse are actually an elaborate screen implanted by Grey Aliens to cover their tracks.

Conspiracy Theories Alex Jones is Trying to Prove[edit]

  • 9/11 was an inside-out job.
  • The New World Order wants him dead, and you too.
  • The government spies on you whenever you masturbate. They're watching right now.
  • Secret occult groups masturbate to the government.
  • The Illuminati makes doughnuts too sugary, on purpose.
  • Ron Paul is a CIA Agent and wants to eat his mom.
  • Barack Obama isn't black, but beige.
  • HAARP turns you into a neo-conservative.
  • FEMA camps will force you to suck his foot-long dick.
  • Fred Phelps is secretly gay, and likes fisting too much for his own good.
  • The United States' Founding Fathers were all female.
  • JFK never really died, but joined the The Dead Kennedys.
  • The Fed is a private corporation controlled by rich people. Duh.
  • Mexicans are secretly invading your house, looking for work.
  • Jets are spraying chemtrails causing his greenhouse to grow undersized tomatoes.
  • Jesse Ventura is being targeted by the government because of his Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror hairdo.

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