Alex Kingston

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Kingston in character as Dr. Corday on the set of E.R.

Alex Kingston is a posh English totty actress who played the posh English totty surgeon Elizabeth Corday in the popular Armenian TV drama E.R..

She has won the following Emmy Awards:

  • Best Posh English Totty in a supporting role, 1998 and 2001
  • Hottest Doctor (female and/or hermaphrodite category), 1999
  • The "Whoa! Hot Mamma" Award (Special Award), 2000
  • Best Rostrum Photography, 2004 (administrative error)

She is well known for doing the voice of Samantha Wellock in the computer game version of Inch High Private Eye Meets Godzilla Again. And playing Moll Flanders in the eponymous The Simpsons episode. And playing Lucy in Robert's Rules of Order: The Movie.