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Da Introducshun[edit]

The after effects of Ali G.

He`s not ali a,not ali b ,not ali-c,not ali-d,not ali-e,hes not even ali-f.. but da main man chickety check it is ALI-G he luvs rap.He has 13 inch 2mm gun down der(DICK).ali-g has a weard da man da champ always keeps his cap on. da guy likez to imagine Hot gals n shagg all day. Ali-G is for reelz.gals luv too suck n lick his dick. ali g (allergy or "ali guh") iz da terrible afflicshun dat affects white males aged betweun 18-26. whun da victim feels dat dey iz not "cool" enuff, dare speech iz effected where dey iz gonna begin to natta wiv da slight lisp eventually turnin into da mingin imitasyhun "black gangsta" dialect cos i fin i iz a blak Chav innit. tha dizeez as no cure....braaaaap Ali-g is lovd by al prezidentz of de wurld.Presently he is de embazadoor of younited kingdumb.he impressed da prym miniztre n de hole of cabinet by shuwin dem respek. itz al abbut restecp n been real ma boyz. u get wad i saying ryt.

Da Uva symptoms hof ali g include[edit]

  • a fondness fe mass-marketed street-ware clotfing
  • wearin extravagant blin known as bling (such as, soda bottle tops,cock, snow tyre chains, etc...)
  • unusual hand gestures wot would evun make da pip trek fan squirm
  • generally, bein da twat
  • interviewin random peeps wiv sumfink to do wiv bomb.
ali G from da wezt staines syaing piece out ya homies

braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappp i got bumbed by a geezer

Da Diagnosis[edit]

Da first case hof ali g wuz diagnosed by dr. who in 1995 whun e discovered da change in speech on da patient named winnie da pooh. all da residents hof da 100 acre woodz wuz said to well annoyed hat da stupid accent but wuz more worried about gettin' around da woods wivvout dare snow chains. tigger wuz quoted on sayin, "that "winnie da pooh" evun flogged me wheel-nut spanna! if I get da turf.. an' die... bwoy, is I gonna sue dat honey-lovin' batty east side off!"

U iz all gay. peace out.

Involvement in WWV[edit]

According to rumors, he served as a general for the Commonwealth of Calvinserstan in World War V.

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