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Bomb.png Someone set up us the bomb
For great justice take off every 'zig'
Early sightings of All Your Base Are Belong To Us

"All your base are belong to us" is the earliest recorded phrase written in English and Symbionese. It first appeared in print on the Bayeux tapestry after hundreds of years of usage in the oral stories of Beowulf and the The Iliad. Later, it was popularized by U.S. president John F. Kennedy. Despite claims to the contrary, it is grammatically perfect.

The phrase originated from the ancient Japanese anime Zelo Wing in which the opening played out thusly:


カプチン:	何していますか?
メカニク:	誰は爆発をセットしました。
オペレータ:	シグナルをもらいました。
カプチン:	何よ!
オペレータ:	メーンスクリーンを空けます。
カプチン:	君ですよ!!
猫たち:		どうぞよろしく,みんなさん!!
猫たち:		全部の君のベースは僕たちにいます。
猫たち:		君は死滅に行っています。
カプチン:	何を言いますか!!
猫たち:		君はチャンスに行くことがありませんで君の時間を作ってください。
猫たち:		はははは。。。。
オペレータ:	カプチン!!
カプチン:	”ジグ”の全部を持ちて!
カプチン:	君は君のするをします。
カプチン:	”ジグ”を行って。
カプチン:	いいジャスティスに。

The awesomeness tended to be too much to Westerners' eyes that it often appeared to look like a bunch of boxes, which made for a tough job in translation.

Kennedy's Use of the Phrase[edit]

Subtitled footage of Kennedy's All Your Base speech is available in the National Archives.

When now-retired US president John F. Kennedy made his famous speech in Berlin in 1963, it was this phrase that galvanised his audience. Legal disputes over just this issue had already led to the Cuban Missile Crisis where a minor disagreement about import duty on thermo-nuclear warheads led to major fallout between the United States and Cuba. The Bay of Pigs fiasco followed, and America ended up with Guantanamo Bay. Kennedy, however, realized that this meant that many parts of Germany could technically still be considered part of America. This remains the case today.

The unusual syntax of the famous phrase is officially attributed to a typo by the Japanese speechwriter Cats San. There is, however, widespread speculation that the phrase was President Kennedy's only improvised remark in his entire career (possibly the only such instance in modern U.S. history):

Reginald Humber of the Houston Humbers once upon presenting arms to a foreign diplomat uttered this phrase and was promptly socked in the mouth.

Other Uses (are belong to us)[edit]

Invasion of Normandy[edit]

In A.D. 1944
War was ending.
Adolf Hitler: Vat happen ?
Heinrich Himmler: Somebody set up us the D-Day
Joseph Goebbels: Ve get allies.
Hitler: Vat !
Goebbels: Main screen turn on.
Hitler: It's you !!
Harry Truman: How are you nazis !!
Truman: All your Normandy are belong to U.S.
Truman: You are on the way to invasion.
Hitler: Vat you say !!
Truman: You have no chance to fight back make suicide.
Truman: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Goebbels: Fürher !!
Hitler: Take every cyanide pill.
Hitler: I know vat I döing.
Hitler: Svallow pill.
Hitler: Für great suicide.


In n00b and 1337 5P34K[edit]

Theatrical poster for All Your Base Are Belong To Us. The Movie!!11!1.

1N circa 2101 W4rz w4z b3g1n1n'

CoolComander: OMFG WTF H4pp3nz??¿?!11
Skywalker: 50M3 b1thez r4p3d 0uR a55eZ
n3rd1039: omfg!!111 5ign4l w3 g07
CoolComander: WTF!!?11!11
n3rd1039: lolololololol
CoolComander: stfu b1tch!
n00bc0m3r: AAAAAAAAA!
CoolComander: OMFG g37 d0wn teh Lock Caps U n00b!!!!11
n00bc0m3r: LOL!1
n3rd1039: CoolComander cum h3r3!
CoolComander: OMFG! TurN 0N teh Fi3rw4llZ!!1
CoolComander: 5t0P d0wnl04din' pr0n!!!1
CoolComander: tUrN teh fuckin' Fi3rWallz b1tchez!!11111lololol
CoolComander: OMFG sTFU n00b!!1

In Soviet Russia, Japanese Translates YOU!![edit]

In Soviet Russia, in A.D. 2101, war begins YOU!!

Captain: In Soviet Russia, what happens YOU!!
Mechanic: In Soviet Russia, bomb sets up YOU!!
Operator: In Soviet Russia, signal gets YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, "what!" says YOU!!
Operator: In Soviet Russia, main screen turns on YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, it is YOU!!
CATS: In Soviet Russia, gentleman, how are YOU!!
CATS: In Soviet Russia, all our base are belong to YOU!!
CATS: In Soviet Russia, destruction is on the way to YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, what say YOU!!
CATS: In Soviet Russia, no chance to survive make your time has YOU!!
CATS: In Soviet Russia, "Ha Ha Ha Ha ...." says YOU!!
Operator: In Soviet Russia, "Captain!!" says YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, 'ZIG' takes off YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, what you doing knows YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, 'ZIG' moves YOU!!
Captain: In Soviet Russia, great justice for YOU!!

In conclusion...[edit]

CATS:You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha...

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