All old French guys are funny

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Example of an old French funny guy

Geriatric Male Québécois Hilarity Law[edit]

The law states that All Old French (Canadian) Guys Are Funny.


In order for the law to apply, several conditions must be fulfilled. These are (among others):

1. Demographics:
The old guy must be from Quebec.

2. Language:
a) The old guy must curse a lot. Favourite curses are "tabarnak", "sacrament", and "câlice", among others.
b) In doing so, he must employ a coarse, raspy voice.
c) The old guy will always try to strike up conversation with the young vacationing American tourists, to either bum a smoke or get a few coins out of them. Ehhh, the talking in ehhh, English? Ehhh, where you guys from? Ehhh, New York!

3. Drink:
Beer. Molson Ex or Labatt's Blue, or as known by the old guys, «Chez Labatt Bleue», are preferred. Adds to raspiness of voice. However, they will automatically buy the cheapest beer in the store, regardless of brand.

4. Smoking:
Many Cigarettes are to be smoked. Even more Marijuana. Adds even more to raspiness of voice.

Discussing Geriatric Male Québécois Hilarity[edit]

Some n00b felt compelled (probably due to a lack of any recent kitten huffing activity) to give the following comment:

"Wha? French people are funny now?"

A better question would have been:

"Wha? French people are intentionally funny now?"


"No not really... but their army is (they say it isn't intentional, but nobody could suck that bad...right?)."

While a spontaneous reaction to that question can only be: "Hell yeah they are!", I will give a more thorough discussion of the topic below.

This confusion obviously aroused arose because the commentator lacks the knowledge of the demographic situation of the Shizzle north of thizzle, probably because he is a citizen of Nazi America. It is stated in the above article that in order for the law to apply, it is necessary that said person be an inhabitant of Québec.

Famous Old French funny guys[edit]

In order to clarify the context of this article and make it more n00bpr00f, it shall be henceforth equipped with this brilliant Canada template some dude had the nerve to come up with: