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Refers to referencing. According to Einstein's Theory of relativity, everything can only have attributes so long as they are relative to something. Such applies to literature. As it turns out, absolutely all of the content of every piece of literature (ever) follows this law. Through examining these, allusion (n., a reference to the style or rule of Kim Jung Il) is discovered. Dennis Miller, as he did as the anchor of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment, also uses a great deal of allusions.

While some may come to the conclusion that all allusion is simply an illusion of the idea that one is capable of the inclusion of something that doesn't fit this rhyme scheme, they are obviously in confusion.

A note on this topic:

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Kim Jung Il[edit]

Kim Jung Il is most widely known for his status as the ruler of communist Korea. His ideas are based on a combination of the teachings of Karl Marx (the founder of communist ideology), Buddha (the founder of most Asian ideology), and Elton John (the founder of most Flamboyant theology). The question remains of exactly how this dictator came into power. It appears that such was an "historical inevitability," in accordance with the definition of allusion. Kim Jung Il, upon a very rare interview conducted via live web cam, revealed the following about himself:

I want to see you take it off baby.
I think we should meet in person.
Many men are crabby because they are unhappy.  I, quite to the contrary, am happy that I have crabs.


The source of the most common allusions. His most famous works include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Star Wars: A New Hope. All of these works either centered around Kim Jung Il or were influenced very heavily by his style. One of the biggest things to point out about Shakesperean allusions is that all of them are associated with homosexual or possibly homosexual characters. Such include Iago, Romeo, Juliet, Kermit the Frog, Luke Skywalker, Ellen Degeneres, Godzilla, Jesus, and most members of the [Feminist Movement]

Chuck Norris[edit]

While many people attribute absolutely all good or desirable qualities to Chuck Norris, the reality is that the life of is itself an allusion. Chuck norris was conceived through Kim Jung Il inspired games at a Kim Jung Il commemorative party in Kim Jung Il's palace, hosted by Kim Jung Il and planned by Kim Kardashian.

Other Beliefs[edit]

There are those in the literary community that oppose the idea that illusions are only references to Kim Jung Il. However, all arguments to the negative of the idea of Illusion are circular, because they use allusions, which must refer to Kim Jung Il because all arguments against the idea that all allusions refer to Kim Jung Il are circular. What's more, is that some arguments are logical fallacies. Because it is necessary to present an argument to disagree with this definition of allusion, any disagreement must be based on logical fallacy.


THE most common allusion. All uses of the word magic are similar to terms Elton John would say. If Elton John would do it, Kim Jung Il would live it. Therefore Kim Jung Il is a magician. There is, however, one key problem with associating magic to Kim Jung Il. The fact of the matter is that no straight man would ever use the word "magic" in reference to Kim Jung Il. The only conclusion to be made on the matter is that any man who has used the term "magic" is homosexual.


Also a reference to Kim Jung Il. While nobody is quite sure how the term gained its meaning, the earliest sightings can be found in the novel Moby Dick.