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Alt is an alternate spelling of ALT, which in turns is the reversed form of TLA, which in turns is the abbreviation of Three Letters Acronym, which means TLA is the same as Three Letters Acronym, which means ALT is the same as mynorcA sretteL eerhT, which means Alt is the same as mynorcA srettel eerht.

But Hebrew writes this as Acronym letters three.

An Alt is a category of words containing the letter 3. The followings are examples of Alt's:

On ancient keyboards, there are always three Alt keys. If you can only see two, check your eyes. Wh3n h01din9 7h3 Alt k3y 70 3n73r 13773r5, y0u u5u411y 937 50m3 6124rr3 r35p0nd. 7h15 15 63c4u53 7h3 Alt k3y w111 41w4y5 7ry 70 1n53r7 3's 1n70 w0rd5 70 m4k3 3v3ry 0n3 0f 7h3m 4n 417. (8u7 0f73n 7h3 k3y d0 m0r3 7h4n ju57 4dd1n9 3.)

<AltChar> key[edit]

The <alt> key is standard equipment on most desktop PC's as it is required to obtain access to pr0n-filled <alt.> newsgroups with names like, without which the Intarweb would be completely useless.

The right-hand <Alt> key, the use of which is lawful only outside the US, is known as the <AltChar> key and provides direct access to an alternate reality for cool international babes only.

FBI WARNING: US users are prohibited by law from reading the rest of this section; be kind, please rewind.

For Windows users, selecting US-International as keyboard type yields the following extra shady characters:

Key <AltChar> + Key
1234567890-= ¡²³¤€¼½¾‘’¥×
qwertyuiop[]\ äåé®þüúíóö«»
asdfghjkl'; áßðø¶´
zxcvbnm,./ æ©ñµç¿

For instance, pressing <AltChar> and <seven> gives full control over all hidden sections of the Half.comsite (½.com) and access to all items so €lite and valuable that they cannot be purchased for dollar$, but only for €uros.

On some keyboards, mainly those from Europe, the right alt key is really called an alt-gr key, and is used to create even cooler letters like äåé®þüúí󫻬áßðø¶´æñç¿ and gesundheit!

Modern keyboards have introduced the Windows and keys between Alt and Ctrl, in order to discourage gamers by switching to the Windows desktop in the middle of a heated gaming session. This is intended to discourage users of the Microsoft Windows operating system from using games that do not require staring at the desktop for long periods, such as Task Manager. Further attempts to eliminate use of CTRL and ALT keys include a long assortment of rainbow colored keys outlined in ISO-9995, though they have no function.

Note that it is a capital offence to select the US-International regional settings if you are not, in fact, currently outside the United Spades of Amerika. All Windows disks have been region-encoded by the RIAA, the DVD Consortium, Sony, the Mafia and the local thought police; offenders will be shot on sight under provisions of the DMCA.