Amalgamated Poxololeum

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Amalagamated Poxoloeum is the world's largest retailer of poxololeum and poxololeum-derivatives, with a turnover of sixty-eight trillion trillion US Nu Shillings a week. Its profits are boosted by the fact that it pays no tax, as the company is registered on Mars.

Founded in 1896, the company soon grew from its original base in a small wooden box just off Interstate 2.22222 into a thriving multinational business, and in 1901 introduced the hugely popular Grongilax, which within five years was being used by an estimated 96.39474501% of people. It therefore came as a blow to the company when the product had to be withdrawn in 1910 after it was discovered to cause death and the sniffles. Nevertheless, the company's core Poxololeum business went from strength to strength, helped by the introduction of the company's popular, ever-grinning mascot Loq'sewr The Annihilator, whose ultra-violent antics were portrayed in an early advertising campaign by the popular music-hall comedian Will Hay.

The company, now more familiar to plebs under its high-street trading name of Pliiimp (except in Guadeloupe where in the local language "pliiimp" means "penis soup" - there the company is known as "Kevin") is now one of the most successful in the history of stuff. Market analyst Clark Newsprint sums up the company's success thus:

Whoa, baby! That's one massive mutha of a company! Like, wow, man, it really blows your mind! Yowsa!

The company also owns the patent on anchovies.