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For other meanings of Ambiguation, see Ambiguation (disambiguation). Also, see disambiguation.

Ambiguation is an ambiguous word invented to make the originally unambiguous fact that people sometimes willingly introduce ambiguity so ambiguous that it leaves almost no hope of fighting that ambiguity and de-ambiguating it.

The concept of ambiguation was invented by politicians with the sole purpose of splitting "yes" and "no" into a plethora of words like "maybe", "we are considering it", "most certainly", and "someday". When the original creators of ambiguation went to the City of Dis, they continued their research and eventually produced a special Dis version of ambiguation, called Dis ambiguation.

Unsurprisingly, Dis ambiguation was then adopted by Satan, who used it to split Original Jesus into so many Jesii that most of them are yet to be found. Satan also introduced many spellings of the Tetragrammaton and ensured that every one of them had a proper Wikipedia article, so that Jehovah's Witnesses could easily rip you off by pretending that the article on their spelling is the longest one.

Seeing how well his plan worked, Satan went further and split 0 into ( and ). These diabolic symbols were then introduced into article titles, like "0 (digit)" or "O (letter)". Then Satan added " (Dis ambiguation)" to every article he corrupted in such a way and, satisfied, returned to Dis.

Since then, disciples of Satan ambiguated many articles, making sure that every article has at least one esoteric meaning in addition to the main one. For example, Alderaan, which is largely known as a valid name of twin stars, was ambiguated with a disused name for some kind of planet from Star Trek, or maybe Star Wars, who knows. Then an italicized note was added to both, which happened to be longer than either article.

OMG this makes NOOOOOOO sense! grrrr! stupid Ambiguation

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