American Idiot the Movie

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American Idiot the Movie is the movie adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot, released in 2007. It was critically acclaimed Kim Booth, who says, "BILLIE JOE PLEASE MARRY ME!!!!" It was lauded by critics, mostly conservative Christian rednecks who object to the words "redneck agenda". Though, it still did good and crap.

The Cast[edit]

  • Jesus of Suburbia - Billie Joe Armstrong
  • St. Jimmy - Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Whatsername - Avril Lavigne and later Hilary Duff after Lavigne perished in a hilarious horrible movie studio cart accident.
  • Tunny - Trè Cool
  • Guy Who Drinks 10 Cups of Coffee while watching Spike TV - Mike Dirnt
  • Representative from Kalif4nyah - Ahnold Swartzengerman
  • President Gasman - Darth Vader
  • Lovable Rogue - Nicholas Cage