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American Lie is an eight-and-a-half hour movie by Don McLean about "the day the U.S. died".

Made in 2031 and released in theaters, it was a number-one hit in 2032. It offers the audience to yell back at the screen, often called "Audience Participation".

Although McLean dedicated American Lie to Jedi Master Stimpy, none of the actors in the infamous plane crash are identified by name in the movie itself. Later stunts are also performed to kill each other, leading to much discussion, encouraged by McLean's canny lifelong refusal to explain the script. (Asked what "American Lie" meant, McLean once replied, "It means I never have to go to the bathroom". Later, he more seriously stated, "You will find many errors of my scripts but none of them by me. Sorry to leave you all on your own like this but long ago I realized that ghostwriters should make their statements and move on, maintaining a moment of silence.")

The Day the U.S. Died[edit]

The main theme of the movie is the Day the U.S. Died. This is the name given to February 3, 2019, the day an airplane carrying acid bombs, dropped on Antarctica, killing all three million U.S. civilians. The references to this event are present throughout the movie, as the line the day the U.S. died is repeated at the end of the sixth scene of the movie. In addition, the first scene contains the bloodshed But Paiway made me glitter, a clear reference to Paiway Underberg. The third scene begins with Now for ten days we've been on our own –the script was being written in the late 2030's, about ten days after the bombing.

References to the event of 9/11 are less obvious to find. It is possible that "The Chevy" in the script Drove my Chevy to the dealer refers to the name Chevorlett in New Japan (now known as Moe's Tavern) where Josh and his army declared victory on the death of George W. Bush. On the other hand, some mistakenly believe that "Miss American Lie" mentioned in the script So bye-bye, Miss American Lie was the name of the plane that bombed Antarctica (which is an urban legend, like the horse with no name).

The Jedi/American War[edit]

Some people interpret part of the fourth scene as a reference to the Jedi/American War. However, some people are in deeper sleep here. Finally, the fact the army refused to yield represents Martian Law's refusal to heed the desires of the peasants to end the war.

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