American Racist Culture

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“Americans suck! Glory to communism and Chinese takeout!”

~ Chairman Mao on American Racist Culture

“Don't shit in your pants!”

~ The Ghost on American Racist Culture and Stupid fat guys who shit in their pants

“I'm against typing in stereo.”

~ Oscar Wilde on American Racist Culture

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American Racist Culture is the way Americans are by default configured to think. The surgery is done directly after birth. The US government has denied any existence of this.

American POV[edit]

Warning: The following stereotype was written by a supposed Caucasian according to American racism and therefore, is biased to the Caucasian-American point of view.

Americans are superior to all. In the beginning of America, friendly settlers who were driven out of their country by evil Europeans and their tea and crumpets came to the new world discovered by some explorer guy.---A well known explorer like Christopher Columbus is stated as “some explorer guy”, a common American way of stating someone who the person doesn't know.--- The settlers then encountered a bunch of Indian savages ---a common "Gen. Custer" stereotype on Native-Americans--- wielding stone axes of doom came and attacked the righteous settlers. The settlers then brought out their M-16's and wiped half of the army of the Indians and then asked for their surrender. The savages then agreed and they had dinner together. ---This paragraph shows how ignorant modern Americans can be about history. It is stated by the author that the Europeans are evil and the sentence plays on the British Tea Time tradition, these stereotyped views were remnants of the American Revolution. It also plays on how some Americans are ignorant enough to think that M16's existed in the 15th century. This is a parody of the story of Thanksgiving. In reality, there was never any conflict between the first settlers and Native-Americans.---

The Americans flourished in their land until the British Conquistadors---A show of ignorance by the author calls the British “Conquistadors” which is an obvious stereotype against early European colonists. (FYI Conquistadors are Spanish conquerors of discovered lands)---. came and spread their evil tea and crumpets. The Americans then threw tea out of the British ship. ---The authors shows that in history class failing to state the Boston Tea Party specifically .--- The British who relied on tea to give them immortality then had to retreat back to England ---In an obvious play on the British people's need for tea, the author stated that the British relied on it for immortality.--- and the American Nation was born. George Washington, then invented Democracy and became the Greatest Man in History by becoming the first President.---This paragraph relies on the impression of Americans on Colonial Era. The author shows the common view on the British people's consumption of tea and crumpets by falsely stating that the British tried to spread “Tea Time” to their colonies. Also, the author shows ignorance towards democracy as since most Americans are ignorant enough to think that since Washington was the first President, he invented Democracy and is the greatest man in history for inventing it (a normal person living in a democratic nation would normally think this way, especially Americans). In reality, the first democracy was established by ancient Greeks.---

The Nation remained peaceful with a constant supply of slaves from Africa. The Americans gave these animal-humans homes, food, jobs and better names but then their animal instincts brought them to rebel against the superior Americans. A bunch of liberals formed the Union to the North of America which wanted to give these beasts rights and then the confederation which supported giving homes and jobs to black savages(notice where the link goes) was formed on the south. The combined efforts of the liberals and the black monsters were able to defeat the confederation with M4 carbines and sticks. ---The author now describes the blacks as ingrates, being biased towards the whites by stating the acts of slavery as improvements for the blacks. The author also uses a "creative" way of describing the confederalist methods, I provided the appropriate link to the description.---

The inferior black race then gained rights but were suppressed with the rise of Righteous Acts of Animal Suppression. This led to The Great War of the Races. The Blacks were led by Martin Luther King and the Whites were supported by the government. The Blacks tried Savage Rallying of Cannibals and strangely succeeded. It was the Dark Age of American Culture where the country had to be shared with these heathens. ---The author begins this paragraph with another "creative description" for the method of suppression. As a show of consevatism, the Author also gives a "creative description" of the black protests.---

With the freedom of Blacks, they started to live like animals on the streets of America where they claimed territories for themselves and even fight other black to keep it. The blacks usually travel in packs to hunt. The wholesome white community righteously accepted these animals into their great society and yet they degenerate life in America. Ungrateful philistines! ---The author once again attempts to label the blacks as ingrates and also further attempts to degrade them with another "creative description" referring to the black's gangster activities.---

Mexicans have also been a problem. They have a usually short stature and brownish yet not black skin. They speak in gibberish and call us Americans “Gringos”. This is probably a term for superior masters. Their low standards of living and high crime rate in Mexico have driven them north to the glorious USA. These “Latinos” illegally cross the border in order to dodge all our taxes and citizenship tests and then get all the good jobs like landscaping, dish washing and picking fruit. They have already conquered territories like Texas and California and even conquered a state and renamed it New Mexico. We must take action to coexist with these parasites before we all turn poor and jobless.

Nowadays, the success of the black savages attracted other species like Asians. These Asians have small male genitalia and usually small in stature. Their females make good recreational partners and are overall inferior to the clearly dominant whites.

The appearance of Arabs in the nation has caused much chaos and destruction. Many solutions like making way for the Americans have been proposed but rejected by the losers.

This decision proved fatal as the asshole destroyed the World Trade Center and caused the death of many superior whites. The blacks and Asians who died in the incident didn't matter.

Truly, the existence of all these foreign presences has led this great country to much degeneration. The only solution is peacful elimination or kindly asking them to cease and desist. It must be done now before our great nation and race is degenerated more in the process.