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The cover art for the album Canadian Idiot

Canadian Idiot is an Alternative/Punk Opera by Green Day about a guy and his life. His life, needless to say falls apart when he meets St. Ronnie, a guy who represents the freedom of sin. There is also a girl only know as Whowasthatgirlagain who he broke up with or something. And also the song that gives the album its name, Canadian Idiot, is completly unrelated and is about a guy named Barney who lives in a small town outside Quebec and has trouble figuring out how to use the ATM machine. He is mocked by the townspeople and goes on a rampage, cutting down three trees and scaring the town dog. Needless to say, the album failed. Not only that, the cover had a bleeding maple leaf. "Why??" is what everyone was asking. The answer is unknown to this day.


Notable Lyrics[edit]

  • "Maybe I'm the faggot Canadia" - Canadian Idiot
  • "Don't want to be a Canadian Idiot, eh" - Canadian Idiot
  • "Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot - one nation controlled by the maple leaf!
And can you hear the sound of socialism?
They think they're better with their free healthcare!" - Canadian Idiot
  • "Yo sup my homedawg crackas, lets go drink some of my dad's beer yo, and terro-ize da culdosack see?" - Gangster Of Suburbia
  • "We're cumming on home again!" - Homecumming
  • "Now I wonder how Whowasthatgirlagain has been" - Whowasthatgirlagain