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American music is well known for its high percentage of crappy (and fat) musicians. The few talented musicians USA produced fled the country during the great artistical famine in the 1980's, and many of them were brought back by american killerpenguins and committed suicide. The rest were unwanted in the other countries, and were raped.

Americans most talented (which means they suck) musicians^^

Mathematical Proof[edit]

This is proven in Newton's 7th law:

History of American Music[edit]

Americans first discovered music when a retarded caveman banged rocks together, this was in the late 1990's. Later, they discovered that hollow logs could be used as well. Europe gave them a medal. In late august 2001, an American attempted to play the tambourine. Of course, this was a huge failure, and condemned by the U.N. There were several protests against it. When George W. Bush started the War of Terror, they used genuine american music to interrogate prisoners.

Famous American Musicians[edit]

Britney Spears (or see Britney Spears )

50 Cent (also known as God )

The Teletubbies


Michelin man


Fast Facts[edit]

American music sucks.

Bono sucks.

U2 sucks.

You suck.

We suck, this has taken us hours.

American music sucks.

Americans can't play the guitar, bass, drums or any other respectable instrument.

Keith Richards was originally a poo.

The Beatles never existed.

Michael Jackson is in fact a shemale. But you already knew.

American music sucks.

In America, music is illegal, due to the low iq-level of americans.


Israel, of course.

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