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Big girls need lovin also and they need it super-sized!

The Ami Pinkberry Girl is a 122 foot 6 inches (34.3 meters) tall pink-colored berry girl and is the archenemy of Al Gore. She has all the power of Godzilla and more, plus she has the strength of 5 Godzillas. She is the number one cause of global warming, as well as everything else that is wrong with the world, and the only way to fight and defeat her is crossing the streams of the Proton packs. Another way to defeat her is to turn her to stone using the head of Medusa. She is also the main villain in "An Inconvenient Truth 2: The Wrath of the Ami Pinkberry Girl" and Al Gore's biography, Top Gun IV: Ami Pinkberry Girl. She is worshiped like a goddess by the Thuggee Cult, led by Mola Ram. Rumor has it that she is Manbearpig and a shapeshifter, even though Manbearpig is a man (that's half bear and half pig).


While Ami Pinkberry Girl is the arch enemy of global warming it is said by Yoda that she has a partner named Yumi Blackberry Girl that is the arch enemy of climate change with the same powers as Ami Pinkberry Girl. Ami and Yumi used to be in a rock band, Hihi Puffy Ami Yumi, which is in Japanese, but is translated into English as Giant Anti-Environmental Girls named Ami and Yumi. However, it has not been proved that Yumi Blackberry Girl exists yet.


The Ami Pinkberry Girl will be appearing in the upcoming movie, "Cloverfield".


The Ami Pinkberry Girl makes a cameo appearance in episodes II and III of South Park's Imaginationland.

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