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Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH3. It is excellent either by itself or in combination with other alcoholic beverages. In western United States, ammonia is mixed 5:1 with vodka to create the drink known as the Incubus (known in the United Kingdom as a Naughty Shepherd).


Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the Incas produced a primitive form of ammonia from indigenous fruits and tree barks, with reduced hydrogen. It is unlikely that this form was used as a beverage as the reduction in hydrogen produces a bitter aftertaste. For almost three centuries beginning in early 1600's, a similar compound was produced as a by-product of the process of lead production; this substance was usually discarded. Ammonia in its current form was discovered in 1931 by scientists at Bell Laboratories, in the course of researching new lubricants. A patent on the formula was granted in 1933.

Legal Entanglements[edit]

McKee & Sons sued Bell Laboratories shortly after World War II, claiming that the Bell ammonia formula infringed on a McKee patent for an arthritis treatment. The lawsuit was dismissed without comment.

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