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Amsterdamn is a fairly common name originating from the Dutch when colonising new areas of land whilst stoned. Some of the more famous are the Welsh Amsterdamn, renamed to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch when it was realised what a stupid name Amsterdamn was.

The location of Amsterdamn to the rest of the world

Amsterdamn is sometimes confused with the small and irrelevant Amsterdam, though it is thought that Amsterdam was simply a spelling error, caused by the autor of the map smoking too much crack.

Another famous Amsterdamn is located, surprisingly in Holland, where its inhabitants main passions involve biting the heads off Whippets. This is unsafe and not adviseable as a replacement to your usual Kitten Huffing, though there are many rare forms of kitten that can actually be bought over the counter in Amsterdamn.

Rare, Exotic & Spleen Melting Intoxicants[edit]

  • The rare and fabled lesser spotted kitty
  • The long feared Orange Up-Fucking Kitten of Death
  • The Dutch Daffodil eating kitten (Warning, may cause side effects not limited to but including delusions of being God or Jesus, farting, vomiting & the inability to spell the word Metriculated. Effects not usually permanent.)

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