An Inconvenient Truth

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Pine fresh.gif This film smells funny...

...and has been awarded a pine-scented air freshener.

“Gores got nuttin' on me ”

~ Global Warming on An Inconvenient Truth

“I don't really consider my own gastric emissions a political issue, I consider it to be a moral issue.”

~ Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth

“You're probably looking for the blog WUWT, for better laughs”

~ Weather on An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is a controversial 2006 Fantasy/Sci Fi film directed by Al Gore and featuring Meryl Streep. It is considered by many the ultimate trubute to Orson Wells the War of the Worlds.

Al Gore simulated the climax of his film when he received his Oscar.


The plot of the film as has already been previewed, consists of Meryl Streep (as herself) taking a shit for two hours. The film begins with Al Gore talking about how he thinks he won the election for 15 minutes, until one of the actors informs him that he lost. The next scene is a very complex scene: Meryl eating clams in a fancy restaurant with nothing but a tea spoon. Mrs. Streep's genius as an actress is most shown in the shot of her face when she realises the inconvenient truth that will send her to the "confessionary" for the next two hours. For the next 45 minutes, Meryl will stay there (that is ... in the toilet) trying to get rid of those clams. You know how ! The climax of the movie comes when the waitress (Helen Mirren) knocks at the door asking: "Mrs. Streep, are you okay ?"

After it, she will call her psychyatrist (Al Gore himself) to tell him that she won't be able to make it today. He will be most pissed off because they were just beginning to make some progress (at last!).

Finally, Mrs. Streep ends this eternal struggle just to realise it was all a bad dream. She wakes up on the street, as the usual bum she is. An excellent work in photography is featured on this scene as she wakes up alone (brillant shot from above) on that purposely darkened alley.

In the unrated DVD release, the climax comes when Mr. Gore attends a party where he tries every drug known to man, and three known to iguanas. He gets so high that he jumps out of a window, and lands on a Hummer, which explodes due to a car bomb planted by the eco-terrorism group, Greenpeace. He is then hit by a jet. Roll credits.

Origins Of The Movie[edit]

This movie is supposedly based off the book, "An Inconvenient Truth", which is an allegory for the coming of Cthulhu, which is based on a book that is based on the Communist Manifesto, which is loosely based on the Bible. In the original book Global Warming, which is an allegory for Cthulhu, which is an allegory for Karl Marx, which is an allegory for Communism, which is an allegory for Jesus, tries to obliterate all we hold dear. In this book Al Gore calls Global Warming things like "real" and "a problem" but we all now that isn't true because we aren't stupid. It makes us wonder why Al Gore wrote this allegory as a comedy, when the movie is anything but.

Al Gore's Thoughts On His Movie[edit]

The sane world wonders why the hell Al Gore would make such an amazing movie about such a fake issue. To this Gore says, "Research says that Republicans are bad and so is Global Warming." Which has been adopted as his slogan for his 2020 campaign for Supreme Emperor of All Mankind. Gore has really gone away from his roots in this one, introducing Meryl Streep as the main character has been called everything from "What the %#*$?" to "Just...Wow".

When we told Al Gore about all the controversy surrounding his feature length film he said, "The research is conclusive that Republicans are bad and they approve of Global Warming." It has been regarded as a quote sent from God by many American minorities.


Awards (in chronological order):

Producers Guild of America

  • Freedom of Speech Award

Motion Pictures Sound Editors

  • Outstanding Sound Editing

Visual Effects Society

  • Outstanding Created Environment in a Motion Picture
  • Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Motion Picture
  • Best Single Visual Effect of the Year

Albuquerque Gorilla Tango Film Festival

  • Jury Grand Prize
  • Best Performance by an inanimate object

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

  • Outstanding Performance by an Inanimate Object
  • Oustanding Art Direction and Set Decoration

Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards

  • Best Character Hair Styling

Teen Choice Awards

  • Choice Scream

Academy Awards

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director (Al Gore)
  • Best Performance by a Female Actress (Meryl Streep)
  • Best Performance by a Supporting Actress (Helen Mirren)
  • Best Achievement in Sound Editing
  • Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
  • Best Achievement in Visual Efects
  • Best Achievement in Cinematography
  • Best Original Song ("Can't Sleep", Music Composed by Thomas Newman)
  • Best Bullshit Award
  • Best pix in Hell


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The making of An Inconveninent Truth represented a major quest in modern cinema. It was a problem not only to the director, but to the whole cast and crew, specially to Meryl Streep, who found herself facing a most challenging character.

  • Meryl Streep did the final scene in one take and refused to do it again saying that she found it too painful and emotionally draining.
  • Meryl Streep developed considerable kidney trouble, owing to dehydration, whilst working on this film.
  • This is the movie with the most uses of the word "fuck" (238) to win the Best Picture Oscar, one more than in The Departed.
  • The rats at the end are completely digital.
  • Meryl Streep allegedly put on 15-20 pounds of weight for her role in this film.
  • The soundtrack of the film was made by Wendy Carlos (formerly Walter Carlos).
  • The transitions to Al Gore's life are to point out how his mood controls the weather. Record Earth temperatures were actually set in 2000 mostly around Florida.

Special Thanks[edit]

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Another Inconvenient Truth[edit]

Al Gore and George Bush are actually related.

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