Anal Warts

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General Info:

Anal warts are nasty little things that can really ruin a microlippers day.

Anal Wart in the wild

Anal warts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and usually are quite painful. Anal warts can bring down the largest experts on the planet. If you see an anal wart, run as fast as you can.


Anal warts are usually shaped like a lump, (see picture.) They have various shapes and sizes. Their color is highly dependant on the skin color of the person suffering with them. They are painful and can be a source of numerous jokes which the sufferer is the butt of. Anal warts are not condusive to homosexual behavior in males. Anal warts are sometimes mistaken for Hemorrhoids.


Usually corn cobs can be rubbed on the warts to relieve the pain. There's really no treatment other than to obstain from putting unclean stuff into your rectum.