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Anal Seepage, "We're bigger than the Protestant Muhammed"[edit]

A marvelous, staggeringly intellectual progressive classical/jazz band from the hotpot of musical innovators, Ireland, who despite worshipping the feet AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and NUNSLAUGHTER walk with, insist that their influences remain highbrow and thoughtful. Anal Seepage were given their gloriously evocative name by Andrea Corr. It references a particularly difficult time in their guitarist Paddy Tobin's life, ever since he tried to remove what he believed was a prostate tumour with a scissors, and ended up losing his entire rectum.

They wish their songs not to be referred to as lyrics rather, their first song, ABRICTION, they prefer to refer to as experimental, progressive poetry. The guitarist explains the sounds the vocalist makes on this track: "We're really taking the whole music thing to the next level - the whole package. We figure if we get our singer to cough and sneeze a whole verse in 7/8 timing, we could create something harsh, but beautiful at the same time. Taking his chronic sinusitis into the music turns it into an innovative blessing, as opposed to the curse we thought it at the beginning" - Paddy.

They are now taking strides and strides forward in the international music scene, having finally placed a second song together and been given the awkward but undeniably gushing response from the bass player Andy "I had the bass for four years, but only really started last month" Kelly's mom - "Er......... em......... that was...... very.........uh...... good.....".

With this vote of confidence they hope to play the next Live Aid in support of fellow Irish geniuses Bongo and Bob "the mud hut builder" Gandalf.

They pride themselves on being the "World's most famous band nobody's ever heard of", according to their drummer Dave "my metronome can't keep up with me!" Cashen, possibly because of their name being notorious with their wheelchair bound singer Danny Kelly's mother. Dave speaks out: "She just doesn't understand the artistic reasons. She considers us puerile. She doesn't think we can play. But she can't hear the jazz man. She can't hear the jazz. Its called subtlety. Like our name. Hidden subtlety, but subtlety all the same. We should be called Anal Subtlety, if we didn't require the artistic subtlety and shades that 'Anal Seepage' evokes. It's hard sometimes. But you learn to live with being an outsider to those who can't think outside the box.'

Former Vox Danny went on to form his own Grindcore solo project called MARGARETHE MANGLED named for the former slave MARGARETHE in Vikings whom Danny hates cos she's evil and power hungry! Danny has also returned to his Black metal roots With asolo side project called SCHAEMIS ARMATHIA. Songs for these projects are currently being composed of decomposed as the case may be.