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Andi Peters, skateboarding really fast

Andi Goon Peters (1985- Present), current TV bigwig, found fame on early afternoon childrens' television in the mid-to-late 90s.

Apparently, Andi (Spelt wrong) is NOT a MAN!

His fame was brought about purely by accident and, somewhat, ironically. TV chef Keith Floyd had been beaten by Andi at a game of checkers and, as a forfeit, was required to spend seven minutes locked in a closet.

Floyd, being the general nut-case that he is, secretly vowed revenege upon Peters and planned to trap him in a closet for seven years, all the while filming Peters and broadcasting his experience on national television. This he did, under the rouse of the childrens' tv show the 'Broom Cupboard'.

To torment Peters even more Floyd would wear a butler's outfit and punch Peters about the face. While he was recovering from these beatings Floyd would release an animatronic duck, named Edd, into the 'Broom Cupboard'. Edd would then mentally torment Peters by whispering foul phrases into his ear.

This inevitably caused Andi Peters to break down, live on British television. Peters was subtly replaced by Toby Anstis, a move which went unnoticed by viewers for 14 months. Peters meanwhile was recovering from his break down by spending long hours skateboarding in Keith Floyd's residence, as Keith felt very bad for his naughty trick.

Andi has recently been reported to be 'seeing' Tony Hart. They apparently do the bumming.