Andrea Dworkin

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Andrea Dworkin (1950 - 2005) was a heavyweight boxer and feminist who campaigned against Pr0n.

During her teens she was a prostitute as the result of homelessness. She has writeen over a dozen books, including Woman Hating, Our Blood, Scapegoat, and Why Antifeminists are Morons. The 450lb Dworkin, who regularly appeared on Sesame Street, also tried to get pr0n banned because she didn't like women who were far more attractive than herself, which was every other woman in the world apart from Camilla Parker-Bowles. She also thought that reading pr0n would make men want to have surprise sex which she didn't like, especially as she never got sex herself, the surprise variety or otherwise.

She died in Paris in 2005 when the car she was driven in slammed into a pillar in a tunnel. Her girlfriend, Dodi Fayed, was also killed.

A picture of the fat ho