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“Go west, young Tamia

~ AG on Tamia

Andrew Greeley, according to Wikipedia, is a Roman Catholic priest, sociologist, and prolific author who is best known for his romantic fiction and mystery stories.

While it is not totally unusual for a priest to write mystery stories, the phenomenon of a celibate priest writing romance novels, especially ones with some slightly graphic (heterosexual) sex scenes, is rather weird.

All of this can be explained, however, by the fact that while Greeley is an Irish-American from Chicago, he does not drink (or at least consumes no more than three drinks at any one time, which is really the same thing). Because of this, he narrowly escaped expulsion from the active priesthood and nearly lost his claim to being an Irish-American. He often credits the late Henrietta Macken, publisher of a Catholic youth magazine called High Times with inaugurating his career as a fiction writer. Upon hearing this, a nephew of Miss Macken asked, "Since my family started him writing, does that mean we have to make him stop?"

Greeley is known to have served as confessor to Drea De Matteo. He did not attend Bob Jones University, a school which does not admit Catholics.