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“Is he related to Taylor Swift?

~ Tamia

A criminal genius of the highest order, 'Andy' has been responsible for many infamous acts, including the creation of the fearsome Quiz Armada. Scourge of the seas in the 1800's and bitter rival of Quizimodo, the Armada sails to battle roughly twice a week now, not like the good old days on the high seas. Andy is also the inventor of the Geiger Counter.

An unfortunate test Phil, this one only launched pints, not darts

A mild mannered sort by day, few were to realise that he could turn the darts world on its head by secretly replacing the darts legend Phil 'The Power' Taylor with an entirely synthetic beer drinking replica. So realistic was the robot that people even missed the tell-tale sparks coming from its head, and the (possibly unfair) way it used a form of crossbow mounted in its arm to launch the darts.

Like most evil genii, Andy has little time to see his creations reach their conclusion, and was forced to create a smaller clone of himself to control Phil. To avoid (or possibly cause) confusion, the clone was named Phil Taylor and was raised as Andy's brother. Its something of an accident that the nickname 'The Power' has been attributed to the famous Phil, as originally the clone was name Phil 'The Power' Tayor as he was powering Phil Taylor.

Some believe this story was another one of Andy's evil plans to confuse everyone a bit

The evil within[edit]

It's believed that Andy could launch small objects or even animals in less that 45 minutes (assuming he can borrow his dads weights, and its not too windy)

Rumours of the creation of a Weapon of mass destruction have been backed up by images taken in Andy's secret back-garden testing lab. Believed to have been formed entirely of K'nex, U.N. weapons inspectors have been unable to confirm the existence of this monstrous creation.

In a slightly more reasonable move, showing that good and evil are two sides of the same coin, Andy has also made clear his objections to John's Beard and is rumoured to be creating a Beard Seeking Missile to solve that little problem.

In other events, Andy has set up his own Radio Observatory in order to reduce our reliance on foreign powers for new astronomical descoveries. At the current rate of progress descoveries of the sun (and possibly the moon), should be released to an expectant public within the week