Andrew Wiles

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Bright light stuns and disorients the Wiles. To catch one, shine a light in his face, and place him into a sack.

A well known mathematical crank, Andrew Wiles spent his formative years writing bizarre childrens fiction in a strange made-up language involving Greek letters and plus signs. In his older years, while cleaning the toilets at a little known community college (also known as Princeton) he stumbled into a room of bored Mathematicians and wrote his childrens book on the blackboard. The resulting gibberish was so incomprehensible that the group took it to be the first proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, by way of Proof by Overwhelming Errors.

In the end, Andrew Wiles's "proof" was debunked by his arch-nemesis Archimedes Plutonium. [1]

Catching an Andrew Wiles[edit]

Wiles can generally be found in attics scribbling gibberish about Galois cohomosexuality on scraps of paper. Occasionally, he can be found near chairs, particularly in New Jersey, where Wiles is commonly known as the "Chair Man."

Wiles is quite shy and easily startled. To catch a Wiles, shine a bright light into his face. This will confuse and stun the Wiles, allowing enough time to place the Wiles into a sack.

Feeding and proper care[edit]

Wiles eats a mixed diet of chalk and salt water taffy. He drinks primarily tea.