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animal collective in the early 1970's
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“They are the future man”

~ guy at the record store downtown on Animal Collective

“Transcendent of traditional musical clichés to the point one must recognize the existence of a higher artistic power working its omnipotence upon the listener”

~ Inide Music Tri Monthly on Animal Collective

Animal Collective began as a commune for escaped farm animals in lower bottom side Manhattan founded by the legendary "a /b/ tard" (Portner the Horse), "Gynecologist" (Flying Squirrel Weitz), "Pedo Bear" (Barry Bear) and "Dickin'" (a smelly yuppie from Williambsurg). With addition of Otto the nefarious pig the commune became a cutting edge indie music act. Their thousand year music career has touched many lives as well as children and right wing students from Yale University.

Animal Sound[edit]

Animal Collective is well known for their use of many obscure instruments including but not limited too sleigh bells, hells bells, Marilyn Manson's right big toe, extension cords, tribal drums, the country of Lithuania, teeth, nothing, chemical X, uranium, teen literature, teenagers, elfen horseshoes and ethanol. Animal Collective often employs tribal beats in their music to ward off the evil spirits of the Evil Bourgeoisie Pop Music Industrial Complex and evil spirits, of course. Animal Collective employs many unique genres in their music; everything from Psychedelic Country Blues Quartet to Electric A Capella to Prince Impersonations to Field recordings of poop via Virgin Prunez and Early Emocore ala Antioch Arrow.

Animal Activism[edit]

3 out of the 4 of the members of Animal Collective are members of AETP or Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People. They have spoken out against the hunting of people and have actively campaigned to get the Homo Sapien added to the endangered species list. They have recently played concerts at Rock Against The Unethical Treatment of Humanity.

Animal History and Stuff[edit]

In the late 1913's Animal Collective began to experiment with street drugs such as Meth and Candy Apples. The band's harpoon player Sheep De Williamson began a slow spiral into addiction. Sheep De Williamson began to not come to practice, instead going down to the local sugar cube dealer. The rest of the band became fed up with Sheep De Williamson's behaviour. Otto the nefarious pig went as far as suggesting he be sold for glue to Elmer's. Clockin McJohnson, an old friend of De Williamson, would have none of it though and checked the drug addled sheep into rehab. Sheep De Williamson came out a changed sheep and from then on the band made many hit songs about Rainbows, Sunshine and Carnival rides.

The band soon released the critically acclaimed album "Elvis Presley's White Tiger Ride" which was soon put onto Ridiculous Art Magazine Tri-Monthly best albums of 1935. The album rocketed Animal Collective to the mildly high heights of alternative rock stardom. Soon half dozens of black turtle-necked wide rimmed glasses fans were standing outside Animal Collective shows smoking cigarettes discussing the newest cool haircut. After touring the greater New York area for 3 weeks Animal Collective decided to create their masterpiece.