Animals with feet war with animals with no feet

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"Man the fucking barricades, man them with your last breath," cried the animals with no feet as the animals with feet climbed over the ledge, coming straight at them!!!!!

"Give them hell, give them hell with fireants on top," the animals with feet screamed in the direction of the animals with no feet. "Hoist the sails, laddie," said an animal with no feet. "Blow the man down," countered an animal with feet. "Fuck your mother" sneered an animal with no feet. "You and what army?" pissed an animal with feet.

When the strike came it was magnificent. Little babies would grow old speaking of this morning, witnesses to the game of species in formation. Flocking, huddling, swarming together, they flew, crawled, scampered and yes, walked! onto the battlefields, yes, battlefields!, not one hallowed ground but many pitches and meadows and lawns lined-up as far as an eye can travel.

Then the animals with no feet charged, formation strong and broken nowhere; the animals with feet ran into the froth, giving as taking, making no haste but a method in their meander. Feet, no feet, came together, twine dust flew, things clashed, water ran as blood, blood lifted into air as cloud, feet, no feet, they embraced the mêlée.

When the settling came, sounds low and wind light, the animals with feet looked at the animals with no feet, and the animals with no feet stared at the animals with feet. Without a word they went their separate ways. Until next time, lads, until the ark. Two out of three.



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