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Anna University
Motto Progress through censoring
Established Not defined
School type Affiliating University
President God
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Campus 100 acres (400,000 m²)
Faculty Chief sniffdogs
Mascot Mobile phone crusher

Considered by many as the greatest tech education institution in TN, Anna University is the other name for IOfDoMPaTs (International Organization for Destruction of Mobile Phones and T-shirts). Started as a small college inside a barn with bull-fucking cowboys, it has rose into a great institution where people who had done crimes in their past lives repend their mistakes. Anna University has turned over great profits over the past two years by selling the cell-phones and t-shirts confiscated from students.


Created by God's son in time indefinite, Anna University was then a singleton. It later wanted to spread its ideologies to the rest of the world, so it took over many leading institutions in Chennai. From 2001, during the reign of Emperor Paallakuruzammi, it decided to spread its somewhat bizzare mobile phone and anal sex ideologies to the rest of the TN. Later he was dethroned after a butt-clostheline by Vizzvanattane. This guy claims that he heard voices from Lord Shiva, accordingly which he justified his actions to dethrone the king. He used the same reason when he was suspected for throwing grenades in his own house. Now Anna University is the largest mobile phone confiscator in both the earth and mars combined.


The University's main campus is situated in earth,(though martians disagree) and it is on the banks of the sensational river of Adyar. It contains the NASA affiliation office, the mobile phone confiscation office, and the T-shirt stealers organization. The campus also houses three technological departments of the Maduniv .They are The MIT(Mission Impossible trainees) which helps in stealing VIPs' cell phones and prototype cell phones and T-Shirts with the help of Mr.Scientology. The third empire of the University is on the magnificent river itself Koovam.

Constituent Colleges[edit]

  • School of Anal Sex
  • Institution of Mobile Phone Confiscation
  • Samurai School for whipping off T-Shirts
  • Institution for Praising of the holy river Koovam

Aids and Affiliations[edit]

The Anna University Amendment Act of 2001 almost affiliated the entire like-minded bodies in TN and mistook the meaning of aids and gave AIDS instead to these colleges. Part of the reason is their involvement in Anal Sex Development alongside NASA.

Notable Academics associated with Anna University[edit]

  • Sixth Sith
  • Thierry Giggsy Henry
  • Billy Gatez
  • Steve Ballmer
  • God
  • Poorly Educated Teen Activists
  • Oscar "the faggot" wilde
  • Osamama bean layden
  • Bushy "dubya" Bush
  • some geek
  • another random geek
  • Lord Voldermort
  • Darth Vader
  • Mogambo
  • Cutler "Bucket"
  • Kaptain "the attrocious actor" Vijaycunth
  • You
  • Dwayne "the rock" Johnson
  • The Wizard of OZ
  • Bling Bling 49 cents
  • Bling Bling Thoo Pac
  • Bling Bling Nelly Smelly
  • Till Lindermann . yeaaahHH!!!!
  • Davy Jones


Anna university is ranked among the top institutions in India, and has brought about a huge increase in anal sex in the country. Oscar Wilde, later joined by its side and promoted Gay Anal Sex.This later led to the institution's closing as gay sex is prohibited in India.

Cancellation of Entrance Exams[edit]

As the university was getting only town-breds who already know about anal sex, the institution in order to get more village guys, made a statement to discontinue the CET as it was viewed difficult by them. However, this made them suffer huge setbacks in their other goal, as it was the city-breds who had most of the cell phones.

Controversy over Dress Code and Mobile Phones[edit]

The VC of the institution , on sep 05 decided to lathi means to steal cell phones from students in the college in order to increase their profits rate. They also banned students from wearing tight fittings as the VC believed "The more sexy women get, the less chances for me to fuck a dude".

The students are also unhappy about the fact that the Vice chancellor does not obey to these rules. He came to college one day in a Gothic Mesh shirt and jeans, and uses his mobile phone on the campus and once came to college nude as well forgetting his daily routines. He was later charged by the institution for causing radiation death to thousand microbes. The PETA too joined the fight.

Students are protesting that this is a violation of rights of the students. One student said "Why he jealous of us being sexy, he can look out for real gay ppl, rather than converting straight ppl"

Funny Incidents[edit]

The girls are said to have made fun of by the VC and were forced to have anal sex. The officials visit the hostel nicknamed prison, after midnight or in the early morning and search the rooms for cell phones. But the officials later confirmed to the media that they were not there to confiscate cell phones, but they were there for anal sex. Cameras were fitted to check whether they're not having anal sex. "Are we Beeyotches?" asked one of the students. The students are still preplexed why wearing T-shirts is disallowed. One of them asked, "WhaT'S the logic, we should not wear sexy wear, but we should have anal sex, how is this possible".

One day an IIT professor, a geek by nature in T-shirt and jeans with a french beard and total resemblance to complete straightness went to the Institution's library, he was not let in. On his way out, he remarked "Those bitches are good at sniffing out straights". Actually he wasn't disappointed as the VC despite his straightness kinda liked him.

Vizzwanatane farted in his house . It was so goddamne loud and smelly , the whole of MADras heard and ewwww.. felt it. His apparent target was the koovam, which he successfully converted into filth , using the power of flatulation. To cover up this horrendous act , vizzwanatane blamed it on the geeky students of anna university and mit (chromepet) , saying that they had made an attempt on his life because he disallowed students from wearing ANY clothes to college and confirmed that he has a fetish for mobile phones and young naked boys , writing semester exams.