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“IT's Fucking RABBIT season!”

The Anti-Bugs Bunny League, also known by it's member(s) as the A.B.B.L. or Antibugs, is an online fascist group set up in hatred of Bugs Bunny, condoning images showing dismembered Bugs Bunny toys and running protest rallies around Calisota, especially in Disneyland.


Founded in 1896 by Foghorn Leghorn, the League was originally intended for Looney Tunes characters who were always sidelined because the greedy bastards at Warner Bros. only wanted to profit from Bugs Bunny cartoons, but as time passed, the League became a mixture of both Looney Tunes and Disney characters before being taken over entirely by Disneyland.


Foghorn Leghorn[edit]

Foghorn Leghorn was the first leader of the League from 1896 to 1928, when he retired to politics after failing to attract so many members. What Leghorn failed to realise was that he'd seen Bugs Bunny in a dream, and the rabbit was only created as a result of Leghorns' protests. Ipso Facto, his ranting against Bugs caused the rabbit to be created in the first place. The League shut down for five years afterward.

Daffy Duck[edit]

In 1933, Daffy Duck took the reigns of office after being immediately ousted by Bugs Bunny when the Looney Tunes began. Daffy ran vigorous anti-Bugs demonstrations across America, but only attracted former leader Foghorn Leghorn and Jacques Chirac to each rally, and they came purely because they didn't have anything better to do, while others willing to attend were either shot or threatened by Bugs' henchmen. The League again closed up shop after that.

Josef Stalin[edit]

Annoyed at the fact that the Soviet Union couldn't make any successful cartoons, Josef Stalin took over in 1946, with the new motto:

If you cannot be beating them in competition, be beating them with very heavy club.

Backed by the party Treasurer, Daffy Duck, the League became more tactical, by impaling pro-Bugs supporters on wooden spikes, and carting off lazy Leaguers to the labour camps to print anti-Bugs propaganda. Under Stalin, the party received the support of Roger Rabbit, who had been exiled to Great Britain after Bugs' goons hounded him out of America. While initially successful in Europe, the support in America came about only by being backed by Mickey Mouse, whose image was being affected by Bugs' stardom. Despite help from Disneyland, the League again collapsed when Stalin snuffed it in 1953.

Mickey Mouse[edit]

As if by luck, Bugs Bunny finally did the dumbest thing ever done, and openly shouted "Fuck!" on national television. Mickey Mouse was beginning the fourth incarnation of the Anti-Bugs Bunny League at the time, and no sooner had it re-opened, thousands upon thousands of supporters jumped on the Kill Bugs bandwagon. Among the few were:

Daffy Duck soon returned to his post as Treasurer, and for the first time, Disneyland and the Looney Tunes worked alongside one another to fight against the common enemy. The Anti-Bugs Bunny League soon became the mouthpiece of public opinion during the decline and fall of Bugs Bunny. Even Lola Bunny became a fanatical supporter of the League, and since the loss of Mickey Mouse, the League has since been run by Daffy Duck once more.


Though not a political party, the League does have several notes on what ought to be done about Bugs Bunny. Some of these policies have remained unchanged despite Bugs' death.

  • Bugs Bunny should have his eyes gouged out, his arms and legs cut off with a Chainsaw, his ears nailed together, wrap him in Bacon and throw him into a Volcano.
  • The Bugs and Daffy show on Cartoon Network should be renamed to Daffy and Sasha.
  • The Bugs Bunny Show should be pulled from the air.
  • It should be illegal to even see a picture of Bugs Bunny anywhere.

Notable Members[edit]

This section only deals with notable members in the modern day, as there were practically no members the first two times, and Stalin took the figures for the third round with him to the grave.

  • Lola Bunny - Supported the League upon Bugs' death.
  • Daffy Duck - Current leader and advocate of all anti-Bugs activity

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