Anti-Frog Militia

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This now famous photograph, Aucun Vert Ici, demonstrates the influence of the A-FM on the suburbs of France

The Anti-Frog Militia (A-FM; more commonly referred to as the AM, the Stompers, or by some of its supporters as the Militia or the Exporters) is an international activist and political pressure organisation. The organisation has been outlawed and classified as a terrorist group in the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries - however, Australia has officially commended it on several occasions. Since its emergence in 2004, its stated aim has been murder of that, and all involved in creation with, the Crazy Frog - which it believed could not be achieved without an armed campaign. It is largely believed the organisation planned and performed several highly illegal political actions, such as kidnap, arson, rape, torture, telecommunications high-jacking, and incitement of public unrest - all in the name of their cause.