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The Anti-God, as depicted by early Theo-atheist monks.

“ Considering God is dead, I wonder if the Anti-God is alive. Or died first. Or hasn't even been born yet. Scheisse. I hate this guy, too. ”

~ Nietzsche on God

“The mere fact that the Anti-God is the opposite of God without being the Devil makes me poo-poo in my pants”
~ Oscar Wilde on Anti-God

“Wait... if god is dead but sent his left-hand man to hell and became the devil, then did anti-god send his right-hand man to heaven to become god?”

~ Confused Citizen

Not to be confused with God, the Anti-God to God is what the Antichrist represents to Jesus. Ascribed by some contemporary New Age religions to be the Anti-Creator, Anti-ruler and/or the sum total of, antiexistence. Conceptions of the Anti-God vary widely, specially during full moon nights.

Attributes of the Anti-God[edit]

  • Perfectly capable of not doing anything.
  • Is nowhere at once.
  • Addicted to the five dollar foot long. Maybe the Anti-God's are the people who died on the subways...SUICIDE MURDERS!
  • Knows about all the evil and suffering in the world but doesn't really care enough to do anything about it.
  • Some concepts of the Anti-God may include anthropomorphic attributes, such as looking exactly like the Invisible Man, only ten times bigger. The concept of the Anti-God is often embedded in definitions of atheism, dadaism and antisemitic conspiracy theories, not to forget his involvement in the Teatime of the Gods which many believe happened before lunchtime.
  • Considered by many the God of Theo-Atheism, specially among fanatic McCarthyists.
  • The concept of a singular Anti-God is characteristic of anti-monotheism, but there is no universal definition of anti-monotheism - since the big chism of 2043 A.D., anti-monotheism has two main branches: orthodox & BDSM. Oftenly considered by other religions a theistic form of Nihilism, the differences between anti-monotheism and monotheism are the same between the Anti-God and God, and the Antichrist and Jesus.Yup.
  • Some espouse an exclusionist view, holding to one sole definition of Anti-God. This is kind of stupid considering the Anti-God being the parallel of God, as it has been stated before. Others hold an inclusionist view, accepting the possibility of more than one definition of God to be true at the same time (this position is highly accepted among liberal theo-atheists).
  • The modern intellectual movement Objectivism uses the term god as a rhetorical metaphor for the supreme impotence of human existence. The only attribute needed of an Objectivist anti-god is the lack of an ego, in other words, a complete alienation between Itself and mankind.


The word Anti-God is actually a portmanteau, that borrows the Greek word anti (meaning "anti-") and puts it together with the word God (meaning "the opposite of the Anti-God"). Thus, anti-anti-anti-God = anti-God.


The development of English orthography was dominated by Christian texts. In old Saxon scrolls, for instance, all the letters of the word "Anti-God" were capitalized but the first one - e.g. aNTI-gOD - as opossed to the normal capitalization of the first letter of the name "God". This trait is easily recognisable in other related words, such as hIM, hIS (gRACE), oUR lORD & sAVIOR, and so on.

Names of the Anti-God[edit]

This is one of the most complicated subjects in anti-Theology, because God has a name, and the Anti-God does have one too, but shouldn't the Anti-God have no name at all, since it represents the opposite of God? It's damn confusing, I must say. In fact, no I mustn't, as I am writing this as an anti-person to confuse myself more.

History of anti-monotheism[edit]

See also Christianity, Communism

Anti-monotheism represents a wide range of beliefs and anti-beliefs. For instance, pagans in general consider themselves anti-monotheists, by the simple fact that they do pledge allegiance to one single deity. Nihilists and Atheists - as well as albinos - call themselves anti-monotheists, which is rather ironic. Eastern religions, especially Communism á la Mao and Nintendo Fever, recognise the Anti-God as the "cosmic bourgeois lazy ass deity". The Anti-God has been depicted in several icons & posters all around Asia since Mickey Mouse milked his first aardvark as an overweight, invisible man laying on a giant couch - called by Indians the supreme hāttānusvārāpājjatārattāmahattārhāmachātta, or "cozy chair".


Anti-Theologians attempt to explicate (and in some cases systematize) beliefs; some express their own experience of the mundane. Anti-Theologians ask questions such as, 'What is the nature of the Anti-God?' 'And what is the anti-nature of the Anti-God?'What does it mean for the Anti-God to be the Anti-God and not God? If people believe in God as a duality or trinity, what is the true meaning of the anti-trinity? Is the Anti-God intranscendent, non-existant, or just plain fake? What is the relationship between the Anti-God and the anti-matter, black holes and all that Stephen Hawking stuff?

Most believers allow for the existence of other, less powerful anti-spiritual beings, and give them names such as anti-angels - not to be confussed with demons - anti-saints - not to be confussed with sinners - and bottles of Coca-Cola.

Conceptions of the Anti-God[edit]

Judaism, Christianity and Islam see the Anti-God as a mere rethorical nonsenic idea, a logic fallacy. However, they do debate on whether hE exists, which makes the whole story very amusing if you keep reading this.

Accusations of Anti-Semitism[edit]

Many claim he is a fake excuse to Anti-Semitism. Considering God the god of Semitism, he is the Anti-God, right? Well his anti-believers admit that, since hE doesn't represent anything, how the hell can hE represent Anti-Semitism, right?

Both sides have been highly controversial for the last 2,001 years.

See Nihilism.

The Anti-God in popular culture[edit]

In the 1999 movie Sin City the Anti-God is the hidden deity behind the story. He doesn't give a rat ass what people do down there.

In the 2006 movie Mission: Impossible III, the character Benji Dunn (played by Simon Pegg) talks of the Anti-God as some form of world destroying weapon which is in fact a very large and expensive rabbits appendage

Also in the John Carpenter movie Prince of Darkness, Satan is contained in a vial in the basement of an old church, and is the "son" of and ambassador of the aNTI-gOD, which is much, much worse.

In the WVTV show BABEL, the Anti-God is the overarching villain of the entire program.

The Epitome of the end of Religion[edit]

God and Anti-God. The Chicken and the Egg, what comes first?

The story goes, God being egotistical, the 'great' creator, created only one thing in this world that could unbalance equality. Absence of Mind. Hence; Anti-God's first theories of order and equality peaceful living amongst individuals were thrown out of order. Mind.

After the Anti-God having the solution of what had occurred corrected the mistake of God's. God claimed as they (male or fela) were the won's or are the one's that perfected the minds of his creation. *I hope you appreciate this uni-won-verse-vurse.* as similar to John 3:16.

Although it was already the individuals life and mind; reformatting became a way of con or pro. The only allies of God were the one's benefiting from the idiocy God created. Still upsetting the equilibrium of peace and happiness. Suffering and Luxury. Hence Anti-God created anti-God venom, unhypocritical~pear haps that would attack God's central egotistical system.

This destroyed God's sexual reproductive system's organs in all of God's direct descendents alive and reincarnated so they are {gay: homosexual (anal), homeopathic (mouth), homosapien (gay hand jobs), and homeoerotic (homo-porn).} In all of God's living children.

So in revenge, God cursed Anti-God and said he would rape the Anti-God. So God (they) did. Anti-God also cursed God a.gain from annihilation, so God would be eaten dead or alive.

The importance of the individual*also known as "man" is the role that played in society of the afflictions and affections from both God and Anti-God. When the pe-ople and pop-ulous (them) found out about what occurred to this individual; they all based the accounts of occurrence upon the individual as to the individual's judgments of what happ(y).end; happened. Not only for the individual directly effected by God and Anti-God, however for God and Anti-God themselves. So as to ascertain a middle ground of what's occured; yet its only a 3rd perspective of the objective view of study.

So as to not create anymore enmity amongst human beings, YES GOD IS HUMAN-Ma(le) or Fe(la). Peace was attributed to the individual as having met God and Anti-God. And peace was awarded to God and Anti-God caused by choice.

Individuals will only decide for themselves. After all, who can be so gullable without a lullable sermon from the man who works for God.

So to wrap up, if you hate both God and Anti-God, just create your own religion that hates God also Anti-God. Any questions, contact: [email protected]

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