Anti-Material Rifles

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The AntiMaterial Rifle or AMR is one of the most feared weapons on the planet, it fires a .68 calibre paintball up to ranges of 3 metres, it is effective in destroying cotton, wool and other textiles, its only counteragent is napi-san.

The current AMR used by the US army is the Tippman, it is used to ruin the clothes of Iraqi people. The Israeli people like the AMR because it can be used to differentiate from Palestinians. There are three groups, Reds (Communist supporting Palestinians) Greens (Alien Palestinians) and Blue (This led to the forming of the Blue Man Group )

AMR in action[edit]

The AMR is often confused with Israeli Law, and is only dangerous to those wearing stainable clothing, the wearing of a raincoat will counter the effects of an AMR but you may have to wash your coat afterwards in warm soapy water.

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