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Antifeminists are a kind of feminists that are against everything, especially other feminists.

Who they do think they are[edit]

Antifeminists are men that think that they are better off not listening to any of that self assertive gibberish intellectual college girls are spreading around these days.

Antifeminists claim themselves to be less sexist and more gender neutral than any other feminists. This is because they are not interested in gender social constructive theory at all, they are more into the very biological pussy itself - or at least - so they wish they were.

A minor fraction of antifeminists consist of women who have taken the feminist propaganda about women rights to make their own choices a little too seriously and therefore, to the feminists rage, have consciously chosen to either become a porn model or marry some filthy rich lawyer that can support them as housewives at home while the children are not yet teenagers.

What they do think[edit]

Antifeminism is a very straight forward ideology. Most antifeminist ideological statements can be made by the teenage inversal technique, taking an ordinary feminist statement and add the word - not.

An example:

Cquote1.png The female sex is subordinated by the patriarchacy - not! Cquote2.png

As you see this form of argumentation is kind of waterproof and can only be beaten by rhetoric experts using therussian reversal technique.

The above is one of the gayest lines ever written by a woman or man, women suck - not!

What they do[edit]

Antifeminist movements most frequently attract angry young men who hate any women they can't get, which most of the time means any women except those without clothes in a porn magazine. Most antifeminists suffer from a deep heterosexual urge which ought to make them more interested in getting a haircut and shaping up their act before entering the ordinary pub in order to get some real women. Unfortunately the only urge that go deeper then their sexual desire is hunting up a real fat furry feminist dyke to scorn as to keep their ideological preferences alive and healthy.*Static* The feminists are everywhere! *Chhhhshk* Fight the female supremacists!!! *Chhhshk* Ahhh!!!*Biting noise*

What ?[edit]

Why, don't ask me! Do better your self, Dammit!