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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Antipope?

“I eat antipasta twice because she is so nice.”

~ Louis Prima on Angelina and her beautiful antipasta

1. The super-unsymmetric equivalent of Pasta. Whenever Pasta and Antipasta are brought into contact, a violent food/antifood explosion ensues. Apart from being the secret fuel for Oprah's evil minions, this also explains the bloated feeling you get after having a traditional Italian dinner (no it wasn't just the garlic).

2. A coalition of Italians whose goal is to cease and desist all pasta related jokes against their countrymen.

3. The evil nemesis of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Early history of the universe[edit]

It has been speculated that the early universe consisted of equal amounts of Pasta and Antipasta. How the universe eventually came to consist only of Pasta was a complete mystery until scientists realized that

a) God was Pasta, and
b) Pasta is much tastier.

An alternative explanation holds that the Papal Bull ate all the Antipasta, leaving only the Pasta (and one very ill Papal Bull).


Due to its violent reaction to Pasta, Antipasta has so far only been safely examined extremely small quantities in top secret NASA laboratories, Dan Brown's head, or Anti-Italian restaurant kitchens. Rumor has it that Les Horribles Cernettes are able to create Antipasta at will, by using a High Energy Super Colander and some Liquid Helium, but this technique has as yet been duplicated in other laboratory conditions, hence the existence of Antipasta is considered a to be unproven like cold fusion, climate change, evolutionary theory, and electronic voting.

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