Antonio "Tony" Tonielli

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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Antonio "Tony" Tonielli.

Antonio "Tony" Tonielli born 1909, died 1949 was the worst of the World's Worst Mobsters. Raised on the "Southside" of North Dakota, Tony began his career at the age of six, forcing children in his elementary school to take his lunch-money. By age 15, he had been sentenced to forty years at reform school, for threatening older, stronger, and larger kids, and for receiving numerous beatings.

Upon release from reform school at 1927, Tony hooked up with Vito "the Rat" Venereali. Venereali's gang over-saw the cleaning products concession for the entire Montana-Idaho territory and were already raking in dozens of dollars in kick-backs and stolen Pepsi bottles (returned for as much as 4 cents!).

By age 31, Tonielli controlled the Mormon prostitution for the entire Northwest. In 1943 alone, his estimated wealth was thought to exceed $320.

Finally, the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover caught up with him. In 1948 he was convicted of three counts of failing to comply with the Bozeman Montana leash law, and sentenced to six months. He died in prison a broken and bitter man, still claiming that he had slept with Betty Boop; but then, who hasn't?