Anyone who calls themselves vince

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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Vince.

“Do I see and/or smell shit... *sniff* *sniff* ...thats true...”

—Sherlock Holmes on Anyone called Vince

Anyone who calls themselves Vince[edit]

Must be sad... Vince is a crap name anyway... Why Vince? If you agree with me... edit this page and add other facts about vince's that suck...

also most vinces are emo or mooo

or have really deep voices

and the go like this

uh hu hahahaha

in a really reatard way

"vince" the name is not THAT crapy

List of celebrities calling themselves Vince[edit]

10 Reasons Why Vince is a crap name[edit]

  1. It's short for Vincent...
  2. It has the word cent in it... cent is American!!!
  3. Vince is quite simply a crap name...
  4. George W Bush is german and his middle name is Wince...
  5. Vince Vaughn... just think about it...
  6. Vince is spelt like a german Windows CE WinCE - VinCE!
  7. It looks crap is Ascii!
     @@@  @@@ @@@ @@@  @@@  @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@
     @@!  @@@ @@! @@[email protected][email protected]@@ [email protected]@      @@!     
     @[email protected]  [email protected][email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]!      @!!!:!  
      !: .:!  !!: !!:  !!! :!!      !!:     
        ::    :   ::    :   :: :: : : :: :::
  8. It rhymes with Wince, also the German spelling of the name!
  9. Well this should confirm everything: Vincent.jpg
  10. Vince also Rhymes with Prince, and he was crap!

Why this article is crap[edit]

This article has been deemed as crap by it's author, it merely needs more crap to make it super crap! For n00bs this means clicking on edit and typing your small stupid hearts away! This page isn't aimed at just a single Vince, but the author would like to acknowledge the fact that Vince is merely a shit name!

Why crap is crap[edit]

Crap is crap but more commonly known as: shit, Vince, Poo, Vince, Turd, Vince, Excrement etc... oh and Vince!

ZOMG my head hurts...[edit]

I use this site too much... read too much... wrote too much in this article... ZOMG check this fucker... Search Google for Vince you get so much shit... who are those sanctimonious bastards!!!