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Aparna Kher is the 2005 Nobel Laureate in Poetry and Physics, and had been awarded numerous honours for coffee drinking. She has written 13 books, including "Theories of Superstrings, Sonnets, and Starbucks," "All I Ever Needed to Know I Found in a Soy Chai Latte, Hokaie?" and "Waltz-ing Matilda: Theories of International Politics, Kangaroos, and Mutually Assured Destruction." All of her books have been added to the New York Times Bestsellers list. Her writing style has been described as "a blend between Proustian existentialism and Steven Hawking's unabridged History of Time."

Born in Kansas on May 1, 1979, Dr. Kher was begotten to a family of physicists who discovered a way of putting human beings into books. The Kher family, Calvinists all, were locally known for their charisma and acrobatics. Ezekiel Kher, the youngest child, became widely regarded as the world's best tuna fisher and juggler in the northeast. Inspired by her younger brother, Aparna found meaning in juggling cups of coffee. This serendipitous alignment of family interests and caffinated beverages produced the lasting curiosity that would characterize Dr. Kher's intellectual pursuits.

"Theories of Superstrings, Sonnets, and Starbucks," Kher's magnum opus, begins by drawing enlightening and at times quixotic parallels between Brownian Motion--as seen in thee diffusion of cream in a cup of scalding coffee, with the sub-atomic vibrations of superstrings in the 13 diimensions.

Kher received her B.A. (Hons.) from Oxford University in Sri Lanka where she double-majored in karate and political satire. Her undergraduate thesis outlined the normative role of precedent in US Supreme Court decision-making vis-a-vis certiorari determinations. She is an avid unicycle rider, founding member of the National Academy of Soy Chai Lattes, Hokaie? and the presiding judge in the southeastern United State's chocolate chili cookoff.