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The proper name of this article is "Apple ][". However, you wouldn't be able to get here if we named it that, so meh.

An Apple ][ is the fruit of an Apple ][ tree. The Apple ][ was named because it was a fruit similar to the apple, and it continued from the point where apples left us hanging. The Apple ][ is bigger and better and more action packed than it's prequel fruit, the Apple |.

Other fruit that are sequels to preceding fruit are Orange: Reloaded, and The Return of Persimmon

Practical Applications[edit]

What is most notable about the Apple ][, is that when it ripens it becomes a functional computer, a characteristic that is uncommon amongst most fruit, excepting ofcourse the much sought after berry of the iPod bush. Fully-ripe Apple ]['s remain the computer of choice for fruit enthusiasts and fruits everywhere.

History of the Apple ][[edit]

The Apple ][ was discovered by Joby Wozniak as he was passed out drunk in beneath a tree. He awoke when an Apple ][ fell upon his head. He immediately saw the potential of the computer-fruit and used it to write the first ever blog entry.

A mutant by the name of Johnny Appleseed uses an Apple ][ is his efforts to subvert the minds of humans and further his apple supremacy endeavor.


  • There is an Apple ]/[ in the works, the tentative tagline for this fruit Ripe and Ready to Roll
  • They taste like burning
  • You can make iPie with them, a hassle-free pie for the household.
  • It has some of greatest data-storage capability of any fruit, second only to the GigaFig.

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