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The Big G

April 13: Gangster Rap Appreciation Day (United Spades of Amerika), Shower With Your Best Friend Day (Singapore), Smell Your Feet Day (Hong Kong)

  • 1 - Jesus Christ and the Buddha form the seminal gangster rap duo, Shakyamuni and the JC.
  • 1507 - First Yo Mamma joke told: Ye of whom ye were borne is so Fatte, She wase burnede as threescore witches rathere thanne One.
  • 1901 - Don Corleone and his Family form the Hip-Hop Band with the top-charted hits like "Keep da enemies fu'kin' closer." and "An Offa' ya motherfu'ka' can't refu'" believed to be the great influence for the words "gangster rap".
  • 1962 - First rap-related homicide is reported in Springfield, Nebraska.
  • 1976 - Richard Nixon is made available to catalogue shoppers for the first time.
  • 1979 - Da Pinky Foil released first gangster rap conceptual album "Da Ho" with a corperation of Fuhrer. They have a lot of hits such as "Another chic' in da ho." , "Hey you , nigga!" , "Yo! Momma" , "In da fest'" etc.
  • 1984 - Ingsoc releases minitrue-approved rap artist "Doubleplus Hardcore Niggaz". First song on the disc, "BB inflicts doubleplusgood wounds on proles" goes doublegood award, but band is disbanded after recording song "Fuck tha thoughtpolice"
  • 1985 - The space shuttle Challenger is dubbed "Unexplodable" by NASA at a news conference.
  • 1994 - Tupac Shakur goes platinum with his new album, "Nigga, Fuck, Fuck, Bitch, Nigga, Mothafucka, Ho, Bitch, Nigga, Fuck". Shakur thanks God.
  • 1995 - Tupac Shakur fakes his own death.
  • 1999 - Eminem becomes the unopposed best rapper alive. Tupac Shakur actually kills himself.
  • 2010 - EU demands cash from Iceland. Iceland sends ash - Europe buggered for weeks.