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The Aqueduct is an ancient and deadly form of self-defense originated by Mongolian monks who were widely reputed to spend spare time eating ring-dings and swinging upside-down from camel-hair ropes while thoughtfully chewing basil leaves and watching Jerry Springer. This, however, soon collapsed into a society of loosely-communal fighters that focused

The aqueduct method quickly spread to the midwest, where the image of burly, eyelash-less Kentucky farmers engaging in positions of uncharacteristic grace became synonomous with happiness due to the widespread use of the martial art. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstood translation between Mongolian and English, and the word "arm" in the sacred chat transcripts that outlined the art was replaced with "kneecap," a polite euphemism for sudden death syndrome. This error resulted in the death of trillions in the Civil War, in which the armaments were replaced by kneecapping (later truncated to "capping").

The Romans also used aqueducts and usually built them for other empires to channel their shit. That's why the Greeks lost their power; they were drowned in roman shit

In the early 21st century, the practice became antiquitated and fell out of use with the advent of kitten huffing as a means of conflict resolution. The surviving Mongolian monks are now known as gurus, and are commonly seen as moderators on the more reputable internet forums.