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THIS PAGE IS PROTECTED BY THE EVIL ALIEN INVADERS... editing it is giving us your SOUL. (Do You Have My Soul Now?????)

Aquinas College is a school located in Perth (Perthius dullsvillei). It was established by the Brotherhood of the Pirates of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the Undisputed Benefits of the Church of the Flying Spgahetti Moster with Its Glorious Noodly Godness from the Heaven of Vast Beer and Strippers Factory Where the Glorious Nation of Ubezkistanialus the Enemy of Kaxhakatanialus Resides Under the Glory and Fashion Sense of the FLying Spaghetti Monster With His Undisputed Unintelligent Design Argument.

It is controlled by aliens in space, and Satan (even though it was a catholic school). Entering the schools beautiful and massive grounds will only mean your soul is gone forever. It is a great school when you get over the fact you have no soul. This school is a member of GBSA (Gay Boarder Schools Associassition). If you do happen to goto this school, the below paragraphs may and will interest you...


Drugs are a major thing at Aquinas (especially for the high prices) (since the school is full of kids with lots of cash, 999% must be added onto these prices for profit-hungry reasons.)

Marijuana: $3000/Kilogram (since this is the gateway, with every 50KG purchased you get 1 gram of cocaine)

Cocaine: $5000/1 gram (SPECIAL: 100grams for 10 million Dollars, just ask your mummy for the money)

ICE: $1000/For about half a gram

Heroin: $2000/gram (Includes an dirty, used syringe, only when you buy 10 grams)


Smacked bottom for anything bad. The headmaster 'mr black' will anally rape any who oppose his force. He is rumorred to have a mole somewhere on his body, however its exact place remains a mystery.....


I am sorry, did you get confused with Fucking Hell. Try being forced to do sport all the time? If you are interested in sport activities, I suggest you take the Management and Marketing class as we are trained to be Sportgirls.


Even though Aquinas College is a strictly catholic school, the church of the flying spaghetti monster is slowly taking over the school. It also seems that all the staff members are followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, overwhich the highest ranked of all the staff members will receive a free HUGE mole in his cheek.


The main gang at Aquinas is the Mafia. They control everything, if they say nothing happened, nothing happened. Going into their turf will only mean a violent death. They usually fight with the gang of yakuza, launching nuclear weapons into their turf.

But the new arrival "The Emo Kids" have been bothering the mafias alot for they have been slithing their wrist on the nuclear launch spot killing almost thousands of emos may we pray for those over emotional fags that they die in pain..