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“All your base are belong to us.”

~ CATS on Are

Are, aka Åre a place in Sweden.

Dungeon from the infamous prison in Åre


Are is a location in Sweden, in the province of Jämtland in the far middle north of Sweden. What Are is is until recently unknown, but in 2004 AD an SAS-unit achieved to infiltrate the highly classified area in the northern Dalarna known as area are. What they unfolded is Åre.

What are is[edit]

Are, or Åre as it is called in the natives tounge, is a highly classied prison used by the seemingly gentle government of Sweden to perform illegal interogations with political and religious prisoners without Amnesty International interrupting their methods. Are is run by an undercover nazi-party that secretly rule the Swedes behind a mask of fat social democrats (thats why Sweden was not attacked by the germans during the WW2).

The Ares procedures are inhumane and really devastating to the prisoners. No one has returned from the Ares facility in a state of mind that enables any form of communications. The horror stories about what the SAS-forces uncovered is to horrible to print here, so I will not - but I can tell you it contains Germans, leather and horrible instruments of pain and pleasure rarely seen outside of Germany.

Ares relation to are[edit]

Now, I know you wonder, why Åre is so similar to are - you might even think there is a connection, and yes. It is! And it is quite unsurprising and rather dull. The Åre facility was constructed by the Vikings, a germanic folk, in 900 AD to interrogate prisoners from their raids. All prisoners that survived the treatment physically have never ever survived it mentally - not one of the survivors has been able to tell the world who they are, and there you have it. Åre takes its prisoners self, and post-Åre you dont know who you are, and therefor the english language got there synonymous to is. (and later on in history it got different usage in the grammar).


Here are the modern front of Åre