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Area is a mind measurement where one adequately equates the distance of three points (mind, body and spirit).

Logic equations relating to area[edit]

Mind is less than Spirit, and Body is half the spirit of mind, therefore the area is 45.

An area of .0643 equates to mind from body is less than or equal to the metaphysical body, which in turn makes spirit an instance of all the possible bodies multiplied by the one possibility of mind.

This logic is quite simple, for area is a measurement of only these exponents, but when ratified by constitution the area becomes adventurous.


The cavemen in early pre-cavemanic times would jot down equations on the walls of abandoned buildings to help relocate there resources into the demolished cities of the post-apocalyptic world. What this suggests in days-of-now, which is our current period, is there are loop-holes in time, which combined with area create a newly advanced atomic structure only (for what we consider) "aliens" of the p-x-3-w galaxy would completely understand. In fact, to only suggest what this truly means would cause a Callisto affect on all computers, such as the great downfall of Google in 2086, when humans realized they were not alone and monsters lived in their closets.

God's Area[edit]

In writings found in texts from Dog's Day, it is presumed God's area was surmised as a place where dogs may find themselves going to someday, but not all dogs are in God's area. It said human souls, only good ones, are allowed to enter the gates into the area of God. Some humans pray everyday in hopes of achieving this death-goal.

"what are the chances Mommy will go to God's area?" asks little Billy as his mommy's pulse weakens on the monitor.

The soliloquy about God's area[edit]

For every dog in god's area,
then there are five "human" souls open to enter
in every soul there is good and evil,
therefore evil is existent in god's area
however evil has a passage into unGod's area
which is a sub-area that God created in 1955
for every soul that has evil god sends a cat to earth
which is incarnate of their own passage into unGods area
if billy's mommy owned more than three cats,
then she would be permitted into god's area
because billy's mommy loved evil,
but only in the metaphorical sense.


In physics there are talks of an area outside of area that can only be seen by the pea-coated eye. When faced with the question of what might be outside the area humans live in physicists go into a language unknown to even themselves. To achieve the outer area reasoning one must understand the completely sanctify them self from the world and become one to only themselves thus creating a subarea, and vortex which pulls in the outer area and makes it visible.

Most people who have attempted the "area oneness" mostly split into halves and find themselves completely under the burden of a unreasonable amount of area, which has a surprising effect on the physical form of the tester.

One man, Bert Reddingtale aged 34, had achieved this seemingly impossible feat. "The secret" he said "is not being split and crushed".