Arellano University

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Arellano University
Harvard shield-PO.png
Motto Selfius Promitio Vita Est(Shameless Self Promotion is Life)
Established Yesterday
School type state university
Head Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Location Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
Campus 500 hectares
Enrollment Beyond count, and vaguely Asian
Endowment U.S. $-47,596,455.50
Faculty 2,300 (Tenured: 5)
Mascot Winnie the Pooh
Arellano University main campus in Manila. Notice the difference between the modern, post-modern, pre-modern and futuristic era in a still shot.

Arellano University is a documentary movie released yesterday about a state university in the Philippines. The film revolves around a school and how the students fights back the kidnappers.



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