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October 14, 2019 at 17:57Ari-Behn is world famous to all readers of German gossip rags as the brilliant young author who captured the fairytale princess.

He was unfortunate enough to be born with a way too common name for a literary genius. Because of this, his brilliance had to be of a different kind. Hence, he took to using flashy clothes and use expressions like "fountain of light". Even so, he finally saw that he had to change his name in order to get a wider readership for his epic 48-page documentary novels. His major opus Trist som Faen is widely acclaimed by discerning princesses all over Norway. It is rumoured that it might be translated into Liv Tyler if he is able to raise enough money.

The upgraded name enabled him to enter the more upmarket social circles of royalistic socialists. He was able to move in the same circles as famous politicians like Smiske, and to approach the - at that time still crowned - princess of Norway.

In a major media event sponsored by the Association of European Slander Press, he married Märtha-Louise, the (now crownless) princess of Norway. After the marriage, Märtha-Louise abandoned her career as sub-olympic horseplayer. She is now reading fairytales about princesses to preschool children in order to support Ari in the style he is accustomed to.